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Joining Up... Medical Requirements?

Hi! I tried the search tool thing and couldn't find anything about Eating Disorders that helped so I'm asking a question here. Sorry if it already has been covered...
Anyway, I'm applying to become a CMT, I've been to the recruitment place and am waiting for all the foms to come back... I'm just really worried that I will be defferred or rejected because back when I was 14 I had bulimia (go ahead take the p1ss ) but anyway my gp gave me counselling sessions, but I only went to one because I sort of 'cured' myself along with my swimming coach, so I only have one 'counselling' session down on my medical record... will I get deferred or refused because of this? I'm completley fit and heathly now and I was thinking that if I played on the fact that I'm a "national standard swimmer" they may be more willing to accept me? Also if I said that joining the army was the main reason I wanted to get better would that help me a bit more, or would it be too much?
I'd be very grateful if anyone could tell me even a little bit about what will be likely to happen... Thanks in advance =]
From JSP 346.

Eating Disorders (F50)
3.14.24. Candidates with a confirmed diagnosis of Anorexia nervosa (F50.0) should be graded S8. It is impossible to predict the 20% of sufferers who make a full recovery and the remainder relapse and remit or remain severely ill. Candidates with a diagnosis of Bulimia Nervosa (F50.2) may be considered for recruitment if they have been symptom free for more than 4 years, but 30% or more relapse and so referral is recommended.
Thank you phantom, I have been symptom free for almost 4 years, so hopefully I won't get defferred.

Ash_p: Yes I can read minds! =S Why? Is it also a requirement to join the army?! :roll:

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