Joining Up, Interview (2)

Hello All,

I got reccomended to come in here by a friend of mine.

I have been interested in joining the army for a while now and I finally got around to going to my local careers office early september.

I have taken my BARB and scored 60+ not the best but its ok I think ( if someone thinks I should re take it let me know ) and a job came on the sheet that caught my eye, it was for the com opp in the Royal Signals.

I have had my first interview last week, and now I have to go on a day's fittness at some barracks in Nottingham then a few days later I have my signaller interview.

The main reason I am writeing this is because im not the best at interviews, and I need some help and advice so it gives me a better chance of impressing the interviewer.

So, any one in the signals, if you could it would be greatly appreciated.


Read up as much as possibble on your chosen reg/corps, find out where you will do your training, find out where you could possibbly end up after training, find out specifically what your chosen job entails in detail. and are good resources for the above information.
The interview is really easy, dont worry about it.

You'll just be asked a few questions about why you want to join, where you live, any debts, past drug use/police trouble and such.

Just dress smart and tell the truth and you'll have no problems.

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