joining up in a while but need to get fitness sorted

im joining the TA in a few months and my fitness right now has gone downhill, my friend in the TA is going to get my fitness up but what would be the best thing to do to get my strengh up, i work in a crap job were im sat down all the time and not alot of movement involved, and the hours right now are shit because of the season, but should i do weights or just practice push ups? and after the new yr im gunna go to a gym and start training, but want to find out if theirs anything i cn do to help here or just make it a little easier on my training. thanks
Start running.
body weight exercises.
hill-walking for hours on end
the above carrying a load.

don't give up, buy a stopwatch and try to improve your times every time you go out.
You don't need a gym. Period.

What you need is press-ups, sit-ups and running. If you want to, you can use some dumbells. Buy some and search the internet for exercises. There's some good help on youtube.

Just don't overdo yourself! You can easily become fanatic and push your body beond what is healthy! The last thing you want is runnersnkee, cracking shoulders and a knackered back.

Having said that: Get in there and keep on kicking!
what weight should i fill my bergen when i go running? because im going in as light infantry? also what time would i need to complete my mile and a half in to qualify? because i will be running 3 days a week my mile and a half trying to improve my time and making sure i dont stop running so i dont **** up and fail
Someones will give you 'the' time, but it doesn't mean thats what ur aiming for, your aiming for your VERY BEST each and every time. Don't just do 1 1/2 mile either, I treat my first 1 1/2 mile as a warm up. Go in with a great time and get noticed...


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