Joining up if discharged from HM Forces

Discussion in 'Australia' started by KennySte, Apr 11, 2011.

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  1. Does anyone know if you can join the ADF Army if you have been discharged from HM Forces on a disciplinary.
  2. I would imagine they would welcome a real live British convict - it would be sooo retro!

    Then again just to prove I am not a comple ****, may I direct you to ADF FAQs where you will find the following key bits of info?

  3. No. We have enough discipline cases to deal with at the moment thank you.
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  4. Oh go on! Can I come? - It'll be like old times :)
  5. Was a stupid thing that happened, childish behavior at a young age, big mistake. Not been in trouble since and losing my career was worst thing that happened. Discharge was "services no longer required" if that helps.
  6. G'day Kenny.

    You will probably not get a definative answer on here, as obviously we don't know the facts and circumstances, and I note that you have asked the same question on a few occasions.

    If I were you, I would send defence recruiting an email and list all your positives,such as experience and qualifications, so that they see you as a potentially valuable recruit.

    Then,give them the circumstances of your discharge and explain that whatever happened, happened when you were young and silly. Try to reassure them that you have now grown up and are a responsible sort of bloke.

    The worst that they can say is "no" and at least then you will know the score.

    Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the response, I have recently obtained my PR and have 12mths to wait before I'm eligible for citizenship. Due to this DFR will not talk to me, I have spoken to the SMRO Melbourne and he doesn't seem to know, says I have to have a service suitability check first. Suppose it's abit of a grey area. Would love some clarification on it but don't think it will happen, what's another year of waiting I suppose.

  8. As said previously, I would be tempted to email Canberra rather than wait around for a year in a state of limbo.

    The advice you have been given with respect to Aussie Citizenship does not gel with my understanding of ADF policy. As I understand it,it is possible for permanent residents to obtain waivers to get around this. In addition, service in the ADF can reduce the amount of "waiting time" for citizenship.
    Recruitment Centre | Defence Jobs

    However, I might be out of date or I might misunderstand immigration/defence legislation and policy as it is rather complicated. Therefore, I would suggest that you email Canberra for clarification.

    As before, best wishes.
  9. At this moment in time, you have to be an Aussie citizen to join the ADF, if you need further info PM me.......
  10. To join the ADF you have to be a citizen, "If you do not meet the Citizenship criteria, and you are a Permanent Resident of Australia, the ADF may consider a temporary waiver of the citizenship requirements if the position for which you are applying cannot be filled by an applicant who meets all the citizenship requirements, and then only in exceptional circumstances"

    Basically this means you can't join the ADF unless you are eligable for citizenship. I have tried and failed and so have a number of others. I believe the rules were tightened in September 2009 as there were too many people joining and gaining citizenship then leaving. The fact that they are overmanned as well are not going to help your case to join the ADF