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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Luke_Eaton, Jul 4, 2008.

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  1. Hey everyone im new on here. Im looking at joining the infantry, im 16 just left school. I want to join the infantry and want to know what the test are for joining - like how much press ups, sit ups etc do you have to do to get in. I am also having trouble on which regiment to join, ive been looking at the guards, and the royal anglian regiment and a few others, well i like them all about the same lol and dont know what to go with. One other thing i was applying to join the navy ( Yeah i but think the infantry is for me as i want action. One more thing sorry and that is about my mum lol, she dont want me to join but she was letting me in the navy, she gonna ask why am i changeing my mind lol.

    Please help.

    Many Thanks,
    Luke Eaton
  2. Lo,

    Before you get to ADSC you have two pass two interviews and fill out a fair bit of paperwork and take a mental agility test (BARB). All info about regiments is best to get from careers adviser first seeing as its their job to do so.

    First off here are the run-times you will need to pass if you decided to attempt to join the infantry:

    PARACHUTE REGIMENT- Below 09:18 mins *

    INFANTRY - Up to 12:45 mins

    *If you perform particularly well on the static lift (above 116kg the time is increased to 9:40 mins).

    Other tests include a carrying 2xJerry Cans (both weighing 20kg) over a certain distance, heaves (best effort, I believe you need to get above 3), back strength test and also you will have to lift weights starting at 35kg and increasing by 5kg each time up to 55kg.

    These "physical tests" will be done at an Army ADSC, there are also some mental/team work exercises, i.e. Team Tasks (which are important to do well on). You wont be assessed on sit ups or press ups at ADSC but doing them at home is a very good idea anyway as if you were to be successful you are tested on your max in 2 mins at phase 1 training.

    The only advice I can offer on choosing a regiment is to go about it by researching what each of the regiments do, and finding whether you could see yourself performing the duties of sed regiment throughout your career. For example the Guards perform ceremonial duties, but also are active on operations. Look at the history of each regiment and see what they have been up to/achievements e.t.c. Choosing a regiment to me was extremely important and made sure I did alot of research prior. I suppose if your in a tricky situation between 2 try and see if there are any members of those regiments here and see if they are willing to answer any questions of yours.

    As far as your parents are concerned, with you being under 18 you'd need their consent with the application process. If they/she are really uncomfertable with you joining the inf, take them to see a careers advisor and they can probably put their mind at rest over the quarms they have.

    Hope this is useful to you,