joining up help! Army air corps????

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by akr05, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. Alrite everyone just wondering if anyone could help me. am wanting to join the army and probs go for the army air corps but av got a son and a was just wondering after my basic trainning whats it like getting home to see him weekends or other times? and can anybody please tell me what the army air corps is like? thanks
  2. i dont know anything about the army air corps as it was not any of my choisces, but i do know this, that during basic, on your 7th week, you are allowed a long weekend, providing you pass your drill test that is, that said, after the 7th week, yu allowed a weekend off camp, untill you pass out, providing you come back at the required time your given that is. untill you pass out on week 14...hope this helps.
  3. yeah that has helped thanks because i didnt know anything like that
  4. cool glad to have helped...
  5. Im hoping to join army air corps soon
    and well it depends on where you live i suppose
  6. Not with 'chav speak' like that innit?
  7. Clearly, the days when we seemed to get the pick of the recruits is long gone........... :(
  8. Especially looking at half the idiots coming through Wallop at the moment!
  9. you get walloped 3 times a week?! clearly undercover soldier didn't uncover enough!

    (what exactly did you edit those 2 times? was the grammar/orthography too good?)
  10. well im gess from the comments people cant have Dyslexia any more so was retypeing what i have said so it dont sound chavs and it only from what iv herd that u get 3 days off a week

  11. Please don't mistake Dyslexia with lazy stupidity.
  12. You're all such grammar Nazis :p
    I take it your son doesn't live with you then?
    And he's asking about AFTER training not during training (I think, that's what he stated on his OP).
    Obviously it depends on how far away you are from your son.

    Are you talking about once you've passed out of training and into your regimental life or during phase 2?

  13. Err, no. It's not as if he has just missed out the odd comma or full stop. He's writing in a language that makes it almost impossible to understand.

    FFS, technology can make even the most severe dyslexics look like Booker Prize winners.
  14. Joy of joys....

    cant wait to see your SJAR front page