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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by phibeck, Mar 17, 2009.

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  1. Ave Arrse!

    Spilt my sherry last night as phibeck jr. came in and said:

    "I think I'm going to change my nationality so that I can join the Army"

    A little explanation:

    He is 19, born in Norway, lived all his life here, but has a British passport as I registered him as British at birth as his mother and I are british.

    So what he meant was he was going to get a Norwegian passport and join the Norwegian army.

    I put the idea to him, that it would be better to keep his British passport and join a proper army.

    Now all of the information I have seen, requires that you have lived in the UK for 5 years before applying. However, I wonder if it's possible to get round that - after all commonwealth applicants (from Fiji etc.) don't have to comply to this rule.

    Anybody any information/thoughts on this?

  2. If he has some form of British nationality (i.e. British citizen, Commonwealth, etc.) then he doesn't need to have been in the UK at all prior to applying.

    However certain trades/roles will not be open to him, mostly for security reasons. Good examples would be any commission, or enlistment into intelligence, signals, etc.
  3. I would have thought if he holds a British passport he'll be fine to join the British Army.
  4. Might be worth having a look here
  5. You are right! I am think I must have read the 5 year rule in connection with officer applications - which he isn't qualified for anyway.

    This looks very promising indeed - thanks for the replies!
  6. Get him online to speak to one of the online recruiters manned until 10pm. They will answer all the questions for you.
  7. He is downloading forms and information right now, and once he's got some background information (so as not to appear a complete tool on the telephone!) he'll be calling them.

    (Thank god for IP phones - even from Norway it costs next to nothing to ring the UK now !)

  8. not a problem joining from overseas.

    i'm in the process of doing it myself. i was born in switzerland and always lived there and still do. (didn't move to the UK to join up because there's more work in cheeseland to keep me going)

    i just fly over for the specific things i have to do.

    it's possible that they can find out the GCSE equivalent of his norwegian grades too so there could be a great deal of jobs open to him if he scores a decent amount of points at the BARB.

    i was unlucky at this one, my swiss grades meant nothing to them, my recruiter was having a hard time to equate them. luckily though i have completed a draughty apprenticeship so the RE will let me do that. (wanted to go RE anyway)

    he can also have his norwegian doctor do the medical for him. you'll have to pay it from your own pocket though.

    please ask if there are any more open questions i may be able to answer :)
  9. Yes, it had struck me that conversion of qualifications would be a problem - he did the equivalent of 6th form - I think we will need to get his certificates translated to English.

    He was a bit distracted by the RAF pages last night - I put him back on track though !
  10. Link noted, I've asked him to gather a bit more information before using that link so that he's a bit genned up before he presents himself!
  11. Qualifications are easy to do, dont worry about that, however you need to have lived in the UK for five years for security checks for some Tech jobs. That will reduce his job list.
  12. Not a worry for him - he's not particularly "technically inclined"!
  13. Mate check your PM
  14. Thanks MS - check your PM's