Joining up, few questions/decisions about Royal Artillery

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by stu_j, Feb 12, 2010.

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  1. Hi everyone, first of all, sorry for the long post! but anyway...

    I'm a 20 year old lad in a decent job. However, due to my adventurous nature working for Network Rail really doesn't satisfy me!

    I have 7'cs (gcse) and scored 75 on the barb test, as well as having fair few nvqs, btecs etc in engineering, so it's my understanding that I can pretty much choose what i'd like to apply for without too many restrictions in terms of being under qualified.

    Although I have engineering quals, I'd like to go into something other than the engineers in the army.

    I would apply for para's, but despite me having above average fitness I don't believe i'd be fit enough for it... at least not for a while, so after weighing up my options i've decided to look at going into the Royal Artillery, as far as i'm aware this seems a decent mix of technical/fighting, though I may be wrong?? The fact I spent 3/4 years in the artillery in army cadets (far different than 'real' army I know!) may also contribute to this decision.

    I've sprawled through the forums for hours looking for help regarding decisions (yes, i did use the search button!) but it's difficult to find out exactly what i'd like to know, so here's hoping you lads could help me out.

    I'm already in the application process and am just waiting on my doctor sending off the forms before I have an interview, Now for my first choice I have put down 'Gunner UAV Operator', yet I have not listed a second or third choice.

    I'm going to the careers office on monday to put some of my additional choices down but I really can't decide atm. It's almost a choice between MLRS, AS90 and Rapier, though if I was to know more about something else which may interest me then i'd look at doing something else.


    The few questions about these choices, in particular with the UAV operator are;

    -Will I be sent to Afghan?
    -Will I also be carrying out patrols?
    -Will I see much 'action'?
    -Is this a 'boring' choice?

    Reasons being that I want to be doing all of these really, and would find myself being disappointed if I signed up just to be bored off my arse and without even firing a weapon, as well as without doing my fair share of tours.

    If the answer to all of these is 'NO!' then could you tell me what I would be doing in each/either of these (without just re-directing me to the army jobs site which I can assure you I have raped!) and possibly recommend something else for me to apply for instead of UAV should you think it sounds not right for me? I've considered infantry but i'd like to be doing something slightly different than all out fighting.

    If anyone on here could help me out i'd be very, very greatful as it would sure as hell help me a lot! Been searching for answers for a long while now, and the careers office seem fairly limited in terms of knowing about individual trades other than what they have done themselves.

    Thanks alot, hope ya's can help!

  2. Wow, well written and put forward man.First of all welcome to ARRSE.

    I think someone should be able to answer ya questions better. But i think all arms do patrolling/action stuffin Afghan and yes ya will be sent there as UAV's are seeing a lot of use in that region according to soldier magazine and the media. Boring? Try posting in ther Royal Artillery section of the forum and ask bout the job choices or search and see whats already up there. :)
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  3. Farkin hell.
    First off, It has to be said, well done my good man. I'm rather suprised and chuffed at the eloquence of your post.
    Secondly, why did you choose Gunner UAV Operator exactly? From your spoken intentions, it doesn't sound like your cup of tea.
  4. thanks a lot mate, just wanted to get my point across clearly, really! haha

    Yeah i've read throught the artillery section but in terms of finding the answers i'm looking for I couldn't find much, so I decided i'd bite the bullet and make my first post on ARRSE! :eek:

    Nice to know that I would be carrying out patrolling though, I'd like to be doing quite a variety of tasks over there other than just the specialist area i.e uavs, so it would be nice to be able to have that option when on operations!

    Though i'm only 20 i've already had 4 different jobs, that kind of shows my willingness to try/do different things!

    I've been in this current one for 18 months though which is cushy but boring!

    Got a few mates in the army (REME, Air Corps etc...) and they've re assured me that it would be the right decision, hopefully it will turn out to be just that - though i've got a feeling it will be very dependent on which trade I look at going into!
  5. I have to side with panda there. Id have thought something like Royal Engineers for the Armored role or somethin. Though the Light Gunner Career choice can get ya through to doing the Commando Course...........
  6. haha thanks, as they say first impressions are the most important and all that! ;)

    Well thats kind of it to be honest mate, I don't really know enough about it to be able to determine whether or not it'd be suitable for me.

    Now if as a UAV operator you are also expected to carry out said things (patrols, never bored etc) then I could see it very much being the right choice for me to make, though I honestly don't know whether or not i'd be doing these them!
  7. From what i've heard the commando course is a great thing to get on, albeit very difficult, so i'd definitely like to have the option to do that in a few years time, or maybe p-coy (if you can do that in the artillery that is).

    Would you only be applicable to go for the commando course if you go in as a Light Gunner or is this an opportunity open throughout the whole of the artillery do you know?
  8. All troopers in theatre do patrols i think. I know in a few books about the anglians afghan tour the engineers and artillery guys were on the ground patrolling with the inf lads.

    Attack State Red its called
  9. As ex 7th i think you will find that with the gunners there was and i suspect still a great variety of tasks available, also there is the availability of both the para and commando course. Just think about the regiment you choose.
  10. There we go. Knew one of the guys in the know would appear eventually :)
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  11. Brilliant book!
  12. thanks for that then lads, been quite helpful!

    rather than me re-write the whole post into the RA section i'll just copy and paste this, hopefully the lads in there could help give a bit of an insight as to the things i'd be doing if i joined the RA!
  13. i can unfortunately tell you that recruitment for RA Light Gunner isnt going ahead at the moment and Glasgow HQ has informed my recruiting Sgt its looking like months until they start thinking about taking applications further let alone the large back log piling up.
  14. Have you thought about EOD mate?? it take a certain type of person to do it and you'll have vigorous questioning ahead of you but out of all the corps these boys have the hardest job and gain the most respect from me (and im going infantry :p ) hope you find the right path for you mate and well done on taking the first step towards the best job in the world :)

    edited once (its 1 in the morning and im pissed lol)