Joining Up - even worth trying ?



Hi all,

Sorry if a similar thread has been raised before.....

My son is belly-aching about joing the Army - he's a newly qualified Electrical Fitter and can't find
any work in Civvy Street.

He wants to try for either REME or RE - questiion is with all the redundancies going on - is
it even worth bothering ?

Does anyone know what the likely waiting time is for a position to come up - some of his mates say
the RN list for A/C Handlers is FOUR YEARS !!!

Any thoughts or comments wlecomed !!


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There is no recruiting freeze. That said, the competition for places is much stronger than it was. Get him to apply and then he'll know for sure.


Yes it's defiantly worth giving it ago, yes it is a bit harder to join or takes a bit longer.

The redundancies are mainly for the older serving and no longer serving


Yeh might aswell try, I plan on trying haha. Even if there is a wait at least he knows he has a position waiting for him.



Frog march him down the careers office first thing tomorrow morning - you could be in luck and be renting his room out by the end of summer. :)

Have a look around, there are tradesmen required in plenty of parts of the military, Army, Royal Navy and the Marines (After doing general duties for a couple of years.) There is also TA - RE, REME and Sigs that are worth looking at and some good opportunities in non-military roles too.

Good luck!

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