Joining up, Deferred from regular/solutions here please...

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by armybucks, Feb 5, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys, need advice from people with previous experience or solid knowledge, no guesses please.

    Basically, about 2-3 years ago i dislocated my kneecap, obviously putting me out of action for awhile.

    I went to regular recruiting office did well in Maths and English tests.
    Scored 81 on my BARB test, entitling me to many jobs in the army, however I have been deferred.
    "for a year and the latter of 3 months of which you can exercise"

    1) does this mean i have been deferred for a year, 3 months of which at the end require an exercise diary?

    2) I know TA also have a selection process, but if I have been deferred from regular, could I join TA now until I am allowed to re-apply with regular? (TA run times for selection are lower and its part time)

    I can re-apply for regular around september-december, but if I can join TA even after deferred from regular I will...

    Just want to know if i can still get through the selection, many thanks
  2. Theres not much point in joining the TA, as the medical process is the same as the regular ie, your dislocated knee will still defer you from joining.

    Why dont these newbies get the hint, a deferal is there for a reason, the TA is not a stop gap or to get in through the back door!
  3. Thats because some TA units dont do the medical properly and let people in with all sorts of problems !!!!
  4. indeed i believe a couple in my unit have been cleared even though they have mongsyndrome and lack of ballsitous
  5. A few lads undertaken phase one have managed to get through medicals with pins in their foot from being broken and all sorts!

    Couldn't do any drill, PT or CFT's!

    Pathetic. Waste of money!