joining up but not sure who to join?

hi i am in the process of joining my local t.a unit, but unfortunately i have been made redundant and am now considering my options with the army.
on my barb test i got a score of 71 but the recruiting sergeant couldnt print off a list of trades as im t.a. but he did give me 2 options to think of



can anyone give me there thoughts on these 2 careers? or any other ideas of trades to consider?
If you sat your BARB test in an ACIO or an AFCO then there is no reason why he couldnt have printed off a job sheet whatsoever, the fact that you are TA and applying for Regular Army has nothing to do with it at all, i have at least 5 or 6 TA soldiers applying through my office at the moment and they go through exactly the same process as everyone else ;)

Sounds to me like they were having a busy moment and fobbed you off ;)

But i imagine they have only done it because with a score of 71 you can apply for all of the jobs (providing you have the relevant GCSE's which if you were offered Ammo Tech i assume they are all C and above).

If you want thoughts and opinions on the trades you should really ask in the relevant forums, RLC and also R Signals, at least in there you are likely to find people who already do the job and you won't then be drawn by other 'applicants' opinions of what they themselves think they are joining.

Finally do some research, the t'internet is a wonderful place, you would be surprised at what you can find out there ;) :)

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