Joining up but not sure which job ? help please !

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by lgnd-bev, Aug 18, 2009.

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  1. hey, im new to this and i have found it usful to me so i thought i would sign up.
    Anyway i am joining the army :D and i have my interveiw this friday !
    I have 2 jobs that im interested in... One is the infantry the other is Royal armoured corps. I already know a bit about the infanftry and what they do etc... But i also dont know much about the RAC... If i did join i would want to go to the royal scot dragoon gurads. When and if i join, will i be going to afghanistan ? cause i know ther is no tanks out ther just recce ones so would i even go to afghanistan, if so what would i be doing ?
    Thanks guys. Ryan.
  2. as far as i know if your inf youd be in afgahan eventually i might be wrong and stand to be corrected by someone whos in the forces but chances are you'd be deployed, inf is where its at mate stick to your sense of adventure :p
  3. Well strangely enough all Challenger 2 training seems to be suspended at the moment and from the 'rumour' i heard last week specifically because RAC were apparently retraining on Jackal and Panther, however RAC do go to Afghanistan much the same as if you join the Infantry you can expect to end up there.

    At the moment though there are no vacancies for RAC until at least after April, that is not to say they are not recruiting it just means you would have a long wait to get in, the Scottish Infantry however is a different story and the Royal Regiment of Scotland is the number one priority for recruiting :)
  4. thanks guys, yah it says on the list of jobs on the sheet i got from my barb test that the intake for RAC was 9/3/10, and the RRS is september !
  5. There has never been an intake scheduled for 09/03/10, there is one on 21/03/10 however and that is the only one that at this current moment in time has vacancies left on it until the new intakes are shown from April onwards.

    However the vacancies on that intake will not be there long, if you have only just sat your BARB test then the chances are they will be gone long before you get to ADSC ;)

    Royal Regiment of Scotland have got vacancies every month all the way through to April, the first available intake being 20/09/09 which stands at 62 vacancies still ;)

    Do not read too much into the BARB sheet that you get, the intake dates on them are to give the recruiter a 'rough' guide as to when you are looking at an intake next, really speaking the BARB sheet shouldnt be given out because too many applicants base their application on the intake information, which is useless purely because it does not show how many people are applying for the intake and how many are already loaded onto it :)
  6. This is so confusing, I have just rang my recruiter today and asked if i chose a different infantry reg would i get in any quicker and straight away he said "no, theres a hold all accross the board for infantry".
  7. yes there is a hold, however if you are applying for a cap badge that is under recruited then it is still possible through means of a telephone to get someone loaded on to a course, the loading ban is in place for Infantry in general but it is aimed at the Cap badges that are either full or nearly full.

    I myself have managed to get guys loaded onto Infantry intakes in September, October and November but they were willing to go to a Regiment or Division that were struggling to recruit rather than waiting to go into their first choice.

    Ask yourself this though, when anyone goes into the office for the first time, how many are actually going in there knowing what Infantry cap badge they want to join? i can guarantee that for the majority they will go into whatever cap badge the recruiter suggests or to a cap badge that they have either seen locally or associated with due to an insight course.

    In reality the only difference between the Scottish Regiments (apart from being full of Scots which even now is not strictly true) and any other 'line' Infantry Regiment is their traditions, there is no difference between the YORKS and the PWRR or between the RIFLES (apart from the drill they do :D ) and the Royal Anglians.

    Infantry is Infantry unless you are going PARA which is different by nature of their role, however even the PARAS once on the ground are Infantry soldiers :)
  8. Well i would be more than willing to change regiments if it got me on an intake this side of xmas but my recruiter has said no so there isn't really anything i can do about it.
  9. No i think he is just sticking to the official policy, there are still intakes that have vacancies, and if it is for an intake in the very near future in a cap badge that needs those recruits then it can be done :)

    For instance i have just interviewed a lad who wants to go PWRR but will consider joining the YORKS, PWRR are not showing any vacancies at all until January at the very earliest and there is a ban in place, however YORKS are showing 11 vacancies on the October intake, i would bet a pound to a pinch of shit that i could get him on that intake, however he hasnt been to ADSC yet so i cannot test the theory ;)
  10. Aggh that is so frustrating as i am willing to go YORKS but if my recruiter is sticking to the official policy then i'll just have to wait until he gets in touch, September is only 2 weeks away. :D
  11. @ fivetodo:
    Do you know if theres anymore intakes this year for the Mercian Regiment? Also ive been waiting to hear back after sending my 203 off to glasgow for 3 months now, roughly how much longer am i going to look at waiting for?
  12. at this time of night and with a few beers inside me i wouldnt have a clue :D

    but if i get a chance tomorrow i will have a quick peek :)

    As for the 203, how long is a piece of string, Glasgow is where the civil servants take a week to walk in between desks, if they have 55,000 desks to walk past whilst gassing to their colleagues on their way you could be in a for quite a wait ;)
  13. Bugger, i'm in for a long wait for RAC then.
  14. Fivetodo do you no what the crack is for the Grenadier guards by any chance, I understand if you don't off the top of your nogging.

    Thank You