Joining up!! BECOME AN ARMY OFFICER DVD....your thoughts.


I'm still a long way from joining up (I'm attending the officers brief on Tuesday), but I am committed to becoming an officer and so I want to start intense preparation A.S.A.P.

Has anyone used the BECOME AN ARMY OFFICER DVD ?

If so what are your thoughts on it ?

Would it give me an adequate idea of what is expected of me from the A.O.SB ?

Where is it lacking and what other sources would be good for my education.

I'm quite worried about the physical stuff (as I just quite smoking last week, and while reasonably fit, I am not army fit), would the DVD give an idea of what kind of exercises I should focus on and if not, are there any other sources that I could look into ?
It should provide an insight, just constantly excercise y.knowing you are pushing yourself, not so that you feel comfortable completely, venture into the uncomfortable because that's what will be expected of you in PT sessions regarding of what you are doing within the army.

Also, it might not mention Tescos and carrier bags. ;)
Disco said:
RE stop posting while drunk, I'm tired of deleting your posts.
I apologise. Won't be visiting again too soon anyway, just thought i'd have a lazy arrse weekend.

Basically, what I was trying to say is the DVD can put a basic picture in your head, however the only real way to get an accurate impression is to speak to people that are there or do some form of insight yourself.
Got a copy, and it's not the world's most useful DVD ever. All the information on it is easily available online. That said, it does give a more visual impression than the online gumph (ie I now know what the challenges look like-not that it'll help).
Your local ACIO will have a copy, and hopefully a TV so you can watch it there.

I'd suggest you look at the AOSB thread in the Officers sub-board, that should answer most questions.

And for fitness, try running- lots of it. The health sub-board is a great resource for getting up to speed.

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