Joining up at 24

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by techitch, Jan 15, 2007.

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  1. Im joining the army soon at the age of 24. Just wondering what other peoples views and experiances were on this? Is it 2 old or will i meet other people in same situation?
  2. Depends where you are going I suspect but in the CMS(R) world (Litchfiled, Pirbright, Winchester etc) it is not unusual to get recruits through who are closer to 30 than 20. The vast majority of recruits are 17 - 19 yrs old but you will not be on your own being slightly older.

    From what I can gather older recruits do find it frustrating sharing a room with teenagers etc but after a few days they get on with it and generally provide a degree of guidance for the younger recruits.

    Where are you off to?
  3. The upper age for joining has been raised to 33 all Arms and Corps
  4. I went through Basics at 25

    yes you'll be a bit more worldly-wise than the 17-20 year old infants, and being that bit older - you'll know when to keep your gob shut

    16 years on, and I still come in on my PFT before most of them.

    Dont worry about your age - just enjoy!! :plotting:
  5. average age in my platoon is about 21/22 you'll be fine

    1 or 2 17 year olds that p1ss everyone off tho... some of them are gobby cnuts
  6. I am going in at 23, so i am kinda in the same boat too. I am hoping that after having a bit of 'life experience' will deffers make me realise when to keep my mouth shut.
  8. when do you join?
  9. Does everyone on this board spell Lichfield wrong? When I went there (ADSC), there were a few blokes who were 25-26, just before the maximum joining age rose. I don't know what the average age for Para training at Catterick will be, I'm not going until 25th March, I'm not 17 until the start of March you see.
  10. I was 21 when I went through basic, I was called Grandad for the duration!

    Worry not, you should be more mature than most of them, and if that is the case, they will respect and look up to you.

  11. Ah yes, Xbox360 V Commodore 64 generation!...You'll be ok mate. I joined when I was 24. It is noticeable that you have that extra little bit of life experience, and the NCO's will recognise that, yet treat you the same as the rest quite rightfully. Most of the 'younger' lads I went through with were a good bunch. Not sure if it was me, but I noticed the older recruits seemed to be fitter than the younger one's. Too much Xbox?...they don't make 'em like us anymore!
  12. well im jonining at 17 and will see everyone else and treat everyone else the same no matter how old they are or what ever at the end of the day there in my section and everyone needs work together
  13. and hope some of the older recruits take the same attitude to the younger ones....
  14. unlucky son

    no mad 1s in darlo for you! back in for 23:00 hours ha
  15. Basic training is the same for everyone regardless of age, everyone is equally treated as scum.

    The issues tend to start when you go to trade training. An example being at Blandford. The Phase 2 trainees are under fairly strict controls and older recruits tend to resent the regime.

    The phrase 'but I'm 26!' is not taken into account when a curfew imposed is across all phase 2 trainees. If you can live with that for the time you are in Blandford, then you should have no problems