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I'm currently part way through basic training and my borther, having seen family day, is now expressing an interest of possibly joining up. He is 19 and is about to start a degree in medicine in september at Sheffield University and therefore would ultimately want to join up as a doctor. I was just wondering if anyone could tell me how he would go about this. Would he need to wait until he's finished his degree or would he be able to apply now ready for when he finishes his degree? Is there bursery scheme? Any information would be great.
If things are still the same as they were (I assume so), he will have to complete the 2nd MB (first 2 years) at an acceptable grade. There are specialist medical recruiters he can talk to or visit at the usual University careers fairs in his first 2 years. If he applies for an RAMC Medical commission, does RCB and is successful, he will get a bursary which increases yearly over his last 3 years. I believe his Uni fees will also be paid up to a certain point. Once he completes his degree, he will go off and do a years´worth of House jobs (the new "Foundation" years) before attending the Professionally Qualified Officers course at Keogh / Sandhurst. This is normally followed by the RMO training course in Gosport (it was anyway) then a posting as an RMO to a Corps or Infantry unit. Then they can begin specialist training. Hope this helps. PM me if you want any more info.

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