joining up - am I fit enough?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Bob3, Dec 26, 2008.

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  1. alright lads & lasses ,

    I'm looking to join the elite , the hard, the very tough, cheif's or as a clerk, before you say there not "elite" I was talking to a freind who knows a freinds uncle(who was in the he says) who said that clerks&cheifs have one of the highest fittness standerds in the army(thats why I whant to join them)Also getting a trade from the army would be a nice thing too...but I don't think I'm ready in fittness terms...i was told that as a clerk I would get good money as well.

    here what I can run:

    1 mile run - 3:50
    3 mile run - 17:27
    6 mile run - 32:43
    20 mile tab (50kg weight it backpack) - 02:11
  2. what trade are cheifs?

    If you mean chefs then dont become a clk you cant even spell.

    Want fitness and a decent trade join the REME, they dont care about bad spelling
  3. yes , sorry about the spelling there.
  4. clks are on low band until Apr 09 when only Cpl Sgt & WO2 get it. As for civil quals what administrator quals do u want?

    What trade are you after?

    Chefs work for NAAFI anyway, only ever seen now on TV as combat chets
  5. waaaaaaaaaaaaah!
  6. oh thinking about it I'm not sure chef I's for me....I think maybe I go with the clerk ....but is my fittness ready?

    Also what is a wah ? (I'm guessing its to bump the thread....dirty troll)
  7. my god there are some tools in this world. anyone who walks into a recruiting office and is actually dumb enough to ask to become a clerk deserves a fate worse than death. join anything else man. WTF is wrong with you?
  8. Hi Roger,
    Once again I'm impressed by the fact that your 6 mile pace is faster than your three mile pace, and that you tab twice as fast as normal people.
    All the best

    P.S. Loved you in 'Chariots of Fire'
  9. and just under 10 miles and hour on a 20 mile tab with 50KGs

    You need to be a chef mate
  10. zub , I find that insulting that you mock the clerk...they do an outstanding job for the army, and are the backbone for victory....I'm sorry , but without them we wouldnt win wars I think.
  11. Fella you aint in the army yet, clerks are a strange breed, unless you know of several the odd uncle who may have served is not a reference to malign anyone

    Combat secretaries has yet to be shown on channel 5 so until they do keep an open mind
  12. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Slow day for some, clearly. Hooped.