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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by captaincalamity, Oct 15, 2007.

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  1. Been thinking about signing up again. Spent 18 years off and on in the TA, RGJ and RE, going from Rifleman to Captain. Left eventually having done Telic 1, as I didn't have the right exams and what have you, and getting back into the Corps didn't interest me much at all. Had a chat with the Yeomanry but too old for them (45 last week, yet I run ultramarathons!), and I'm not keen on becoming an officer again. So I had a look at the RAuxAF - RAF Regt. They take people up to 50 or something depending on age and experience. Does anybody have any experience of them or thoughts on that? (I know the RAF treat their people well having done Air Support for a long while!)

    And the Army refused to give me my long service medal after all that time - too disjointed a record I think. Any thoughts on how I can winkle it out of them???

  2. What trade are you interested in ?
  3. Just straightforward Inf type deal I suppose. I know regular RAF Regt have CVR(T)s so that could be good, get my tracks licence, and could do sigs easily enough? Why, what else do thy have?
  4. I'm afraid they don't have CVR(T) anymore, and they lost their rapiers to the RA too.
    They are still part of the joint CBRN regiment alongside 1RTR. They still post guys to the Special Forces Support Group. I believe 2Sqn has an airborne capability, although when that would possibly be used i have no idea.
    I think that's about it for specialist trades, the rest are your normal infantry type like mortars etc..
  5. RAuxAF Regt - I don't think there are any other than "simple" field squadrons any more. The most you're likely to see normally are rovers, 4 tonners and the white fleet!

    However, they are likely to snatch your arm off as you come in the door - regular Regt is under-strength and likely to remain so for several years, therefore the oggies are filling in, and much of the rest of the RAuxAF is being turned into force protection in-fill.

    Try for initial information and local units - normal recruitment is within 50 mile radius, and training is weekend based - no evening drill nights.

    (I'm in, but not an infantry type...)
  6. Okey dokey - ta for that. I tried emailing the local lot (if Lossie can be called local) (I am never going to Leuchars again if I can help it!) but the email address is defunct so I will have to try Plan B - call them and see what's what.