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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Daz_of_hudds, Dec 16, 2008.

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  1. Hi,

    Am hoping to join up after uni is over in 2010, I'll be 22. Did three years in Cadets when I was younger but did't feel ready then, now am finally starting to be mentally and phisically ready and understand more about what life is!

    Do you think I would be all right joing after uni? I know I'll get some stick for it but not sure if it'll be used against my application... and I don't really want to be an officer.

    Daz :?
  2. Btw, going to chat to the RO this weekend and just wanted some non sales feedback first. Probably joining RLC :D

    Daz :!:
  3. Why not officer?
    Pay is ALOT higher for a start.

    Would like to hear your reasoning on that one.
  4. No offense to any RLC types out there, but if you've got a degree, I think you could pick a more challenging/stimulating/rewarding career then enlisting in the RLC. Either as an officer or in another arm, such as Int Corps.
  5. Money does not mean feck all to me, spent 4 months of my life living in a shed in North america and after that did't really care much...

    As for not being officer I don't know just does not appeal to me, would rather be fully out there doing something...

  6. Daz- if you want to be out there doing something, shouldn't you be joining one of the teeth arms? Maybe infantry officer?
    And whilst it's easy to say money doesn't matter, it might when you decide to start a family... just a thought.
  7. After your training, you'll wish you was an officer if you knew you could have done it.

    I can almost stonewall it
  8. Thanks for feedback

    Will have another think about it and chat to the local RO soon, keep you updated

    Daz :D

  9. Maybe not now but what in the future?

    You think that officers don't do anything?
  10. Don't let people tell you that since you've been to uni you should be an officer. Some people just either don't want to be one or aren't cut out to be, regardless of their educational background.

    I myself passed RCB, went to uni then decided to give up my place at Sandhurst so that I could get a guaranteed spot in a corps/regiment of my choice rather than cross my fingers and hope that I'd be taken in against stiff competition from other officer cadets. Last I heard, there are only so many Int. Corps officer positions open, and every other OCdt puts Int. down as their first choice. Result? A lot of disappointed OCdts that end up in a reg/corps they didn't want to be in, with 1 Int. Corps position for every 9 OCdts interested.

    Anyway, having just been through basic training as a graduate, I didn't get any stick whatsoever about my education, just a few confused looks. With each passing day I become more certain that I've done the right thing, and look forward to a long career where I really want to be rather than an unhappy few in a corps/reg I've been allocated to.

    Also Bordtea, the difference in pay isn't that much. So what I was on 13k for 3 months in basic training? For the next 6 months its 16k, then after that I go straight onto 23k. Admittedly this only applies to a few parts of the army where the JNCO cadre is done as part of phase 2, but I'm pretty damn happy to be earning the same as a 2nd Lt within 9 months of training. You could argue that the pay increments increase a lot more for senior officers, but then there's only so many senior positions open for rather a lot of junior officers.

    My advice would be to choose your career carefully if you wish to join the ranks as a graduate, but by no means be put off by it.
  11. I finished uni in June this year and i'm joining up as a regular. I have to say the main reason why is that I'm joining the Corps of Army Music and you can only join it by going Regular.
  12. I think 2nd Lt is 28 and a bit thousand. Officer cadet is 23k for 12 months
  13. I finish Uni in June and after visiting the AFCO and saying I wanted to join up as a solider rather than go officer route the response I got was 'Good Lass!!' If you are really intrested in one particular trade don't let anyone tell you that you should go officer entry. Just don't say 'Because I don't want to' when they ask why. Make sure you have a decent argument.