Joining up after bail

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Brandon17, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. im on bail atm for allowing myself to be carried in a stolen car. when ive been court and its all sorted etc do i have to wait before i can join up ? or can i walk out of court and straight to the local AFCO ?

    hoping to join 1Mercian or if i feel im fit enough upon joining, The Paras

    also my eyesight in my left eye is shite , i scrape the bare minimum for VA3 (dunno if thats the right term) with just a bit better then 6/36 ?

    my right eye is spot on though
  2. Providing you are not under investigation for an offence and there is no pending court appearance you should be fine, however if you have any convictions already be prepared to get sent away to request a criminal print out from the Police station ;)

    And whichever way you dress it up, allowing yourself to be carried in a stolen car is a shite way of saying "me and my mate nicked a car" ;) Just hope the recruiter you deal with has never had a car nicked :D
  3. I was wondering that....

    What sort of crime is "transported in a stolen car"?

    That reeks of "me and my mate nicked a car, he was driving".

    I'd suggest if you succesful joining up, you leave your scally mates behind. You don't want to work hard and join your Bn only to get binned for your mates TWOCing.
  4. I got done for this very same offence as a 17 year old, was a passenger but i knew it was nicked. Now 10 years later i think what a ****.

    My sentance.....1 year ban, £250 fine

    I was 3 weeks away from my driving test just before the theory bollox came out so i fukced myself up double, deserved though.
  5. cheers for the replys , anyone got any advice about the eye thing ? turns out my vision cant be improved by glasses in my left eye but i scrape through VA3. is that good enough for the infantry ? or will i have to be in a non combat role ?
  6. I'm not a doctor, but if you go to your ACIO they will help you.

    You want infantry, fine, but have a few back ups just in case.
  7. Get an up to date eye test prescription done, take it to your ACIO and ask them politely to enquire via ADSC as to whether or not your eyesight is compatible with the requirements of the Infantry, normally the medical wing at the ADSC are able to let a recruiter know basic medical stuff like that without actually breaching the medical in confidence regulations :)
  8. How does that in any way breach medical in confidence regs?

    He is freely giving the ACIO his medical docs, the ACIO asks the ADSC if that is a go or not.
  9. quite simply because in this day and age of political correctness and umbrella shuffling anything medical is not supposed to be discussed with an applicant, we can point them in the direction of the regulations that are printed however even something as simple as trying to send a urine sample result sheet via fax has been frowned upon in the past (because they dont use a secure fax :D ).

    the point i am making is that we are told because we are not qualified GP's or trained medical staff we shouldnt discuss medical details belonging to an applicant, nor should the applicant discuss them with us, and also because the ADSC is the only authority that can medically defer someone, its a crap regulation but one that a med wing will often use for even the simplest of information ;)
  10. Could laser work?
  11. That could be expensive ??
  12. One eye 500 quid ish and that one that triple jumper advertises says 12 month interest free credit.
  13. Whoa.

    Don't be talked into joining the Infantry.

    You Have got the potential to do something much more rewarding.

    With your potential eyesight problem you will never be a sniper - but your have the potential to be a VC winner for minefield clearance.

    Don't join anything less that RE Bomb disposal

    Best regards and Good Luck
  14. I'm sure you'll be ok with joining, as long as it's not one of a string of offences.

    I nicked a lad about 7 years ago for the same thing. Saw him at Dering lines about two years ago on his Junior Brecon so he's probably turned out alright.

    Will (hopefully) give you a chance to cut the ties with your dodgy mates.
  15. Now thats one scary as fook job. What titile would you join up as to do that? Ive never seen "RE Bomb Disposal" on ArmyJobs