Joining UOTC

Having finished a year abroad in my degree, I have re-evaluated my life and am seriously considering a career as an officer in the British Army. When I go back to University in September, I would like to join the Officer Training Corps, however I will be in the final year of my degree: Will this act as a bar to joining?
I dunno matey. theres a forum on this site for UOTC tho i think. Try the army website for details too. Spoken to the UOTC detatchment at ya uni yet?
No problem at all with that. There are a few people in 1st year in the OTC that are 4th years in uni.

As long as your reasonbly fit and can learn well. You won't get as much out of it as a first year in the OTC and uni because you simply won't have the time to go through the whole process. But give it a go, get the ball moving on your officer career and get paid (not ALOT- but still).

OTC's good fun, also it will give the invaluable experience of waking up in a field with it raining and being made to do things you'd rather you didn't have to (army life) so its not a bad taster. Also the best bit is when you get back from the weekends you ask your layabout uni mates what they've been up to that weekend, and every time you'll have had a better, far more interesting one than them. Ie, smoked a spliff and watched repeat of top gear, Vs live firing, assault courses, section attack drill, etc. On top of which you'll be about 80 quid up!

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