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Discussion in 'Royal Air Force' started by huggybear, Dec 21, 2011.

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  1. hi, thinking of joining the raf. but does anybody know what the wating times would be for either a regiment gunner or a logistics driver. and what kind of scores on the tests you would need for either. thanks :)
  2. Join the Army. It's better.
  3. I think the general waiting time for entry into any arm or service these days is anything from 2 years and up. And I'd like to say they only take the best as well, but looking at the crowbags coming through the gates just lately, I wouldn't be so sure...
  4. thinking about it :)

    damn, would it be quicker to get into any of the reserves. thanks :)
  5. Yes its quicker to join the TA.

    I saw somewhere that it takes between 6 and 18 months to get into the raf if you are initially successful, that was on the raf careers website.
  6. thanks. 6 - 18 months don't sound too bad though.
  7. It will take you up to 18months for Raf reg gunner.

    If you hurry up and get moving there are 6 training courses next year though so if you get thought ast's and pgsc with A or high B grade you could get in for a course mid to late next year.

    Score wise you'll need a reasonable score at ASTs for Raf reg gunner but nothing overly hard. The main focus would be your fitness at Honnington for your pgsc

    You'll have to punch out around 50-60 good form pressups in one min, similar stupa reach around level 10.8 on beep test, last the couple of hour field test (stretcher run etc) without ringing the bell, not fall to the back of the pack on the assault course and run. You'll also need to be running your 1.5mile at sub 940 realistically to hit a good mark and be comfortable running 3 miles plus. There is also a swim test as well which is in coveralls - 4 lengths plus two mins tread water

    Make sure you go into your interviews knowing what the Raf reg do, where they are based and you WILL need to be able to name all the reg squadrons and what they do (e.g 2sqdn are in the main parachute capable)

    As with anything prep well and you'll be fine. Please remember that now matter what you get told at Honnington not all of the Raf reg are 'the best at what they do' and there's a lot of stick from army lads. There are some very talented and good lads in the Raf reg and you can have a good career in it if you want to!

    Best of luck.
  8. thanks. and already reading up on the regiment history :)
  9. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

  10. .......and far more likely to last.
  11. Or you could join The Army. RAF Regt? Really?
  12. Do one.
  13. The hook, line and sinker are fine, but you're going to need a bigger boat, Jim.
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  14. It takes about five minutes if you make a hard-boiled egg halfway through.
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  15. Do one? As in do a stinking RAF wallah? Not likely-I've got standards. Higher standards than the RAF Regt for that matter. REMFs to a man I heared. Their staffies are the equivalent of an Army CSM though apparently........