Joining then facing redundancy

Discussion in 'Armed Forces Redundancy Scheme 2010' started by sysadmin, Mar 20, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I am in the process of joining full time and I intend joining 4Oth Reg Royal Artillery, I am concerned that after a year or two from now that I could be made redundant, this casting a shadow over joining, as for anyone joining the Army is life changing I wouldn't like to make that choice and then get the chop,

    Any thoughts?
  2. No job is ever totally safe, go with it and you might get some good experience to put on a CV. It is helpful to have a back-up plan and some savings.
  3. I can't remember where I found out about it sysadmin, but don't be put off by the redundancy. You will join on the V Eng (SC) and I beleive they are not to be touched by the current round of SDSR. Redundancy amongst the new blokes is being handled by not recruiting them in the first place... much cheaper, and a rare shimmer of common sense.

    Should your job choice become restricted by the SDSR you can always retrade, badge or swap forces (Navy and, er, RAF). It wont hurt you to have some extra skills. Also the gunners are currently sporting a 'tertiary' role, so you are a Gunner first, Infantry second and then you could be a UAV pilot.

    Either way join, enjoy and work hard. Because the new VEng means you can be dropped at your 12 year point if you are not deemed suitable for the V Eng (FC) extending t 24 years of service.
  4. Thanks jarrod248 its a risky choice at the moment, I am 27 therefore my intentions would be a full career but as you say no job is safe,
  5. One of the better ways to avoid getting made redundant early is to join, put 100% effort into your phase 1 & 2 training and then work hard to impress your NCOs and officers. Going around worrying that you're for the chop at any moment will probably make you stick out like a sore thumb among the other people in your unit at a time no soldier wants to be popping up on their OC's radar!
  6. chocolate_frog thanks very much great advice also, is V Eng (SC) a contract?
  7. Redundancy? Cam someone explain why there are Aha-like sketch drawn recruitment ads on the telly all the time if you are making people redundant.

    Arse-elbow communication interface malfunction?
  8. Cheers Zero_Over I will be giving 110% from day one, and hopefully I will not be popping up on the OC's Radar!
  9. This has been mentioned in another thread. I imagine it's to get rid of people on higher pay and replace with people on the bottom of the rung.
  10. The bottom line is the Army always needs good NCOs - even at times of redundancies. Impress as a gunner and start climbing the ladder, go on every course that pops up and display the cool head and good leadership that every qualified soldier should show. That way, even if some penny pinching politician decides they can save £10 by making your unit disappear you can put yourself forward for other units and you should be fine. I think even now, the forces still represent a long-term career for the right person!
  11. Thanks very much all great advice also reassuring, I am looking forward to a great career within the British Army once again Thanks