Joining the welsh guards


I'm soon to apply for the army (finally!!!) and i'm going for the welsh guards, I ain't welsh by birth i'm eastern english but i've lived in wales for 12 years. I'm wondering wether it's actually a decent career to be going for because i've heard off some how it's one of the best things they've done and others about how it's incredibly bullshitty and it was a mahoosive mistake to join. Can anyone clear up on this?


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All the best, crack on.
They are rumoured to have unusual tastes .........
Fine body of men - usually quite short....

apologies to the late Mr Milligan

Shortest guy in my school year ended up WG, tall stocky mate RRW. Recruiting Sgt must of been loving that week in a alcoholic haze.

To the OP we all goto units for various reasons, variety is the spice of life.

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