Joining the thin blue line....

Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Rarden_reaper, May 19, 2009.

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  1. You either love them or hate them...

    The police that is!!! Pro's and Con's to joining?
  2. Rarden, I am going through the process now, if you are serious about joining you must do the "Potential Police Officers Course", details are in pathfinder, quest....etc. That course will prepare you for your application and assessment, I have just done it and it was the business, I feel 100% more confident about the inital application process.

    PM me if you need any further advice.

  3. I'm looking to join Bedfordshire police (Not through choice! Only local force recruiting ATM)

    Had to register online and have to attend an evening seminar prior to filling in application forms etc.

    Not the standard process I'm sure?
  4. The advice they are giving at the moment is to apply to any force that is recruiting (assuming you are prepared to serve there) if you are successful in getting through the application sifet and the assessment, your assessment pass is valid for 1 year and can be transfered between forces. The seminars are just another hurdle to get over, they wont consider your application unless you have attended, so you will have to go to one.

    As I say the Potential Police Course is a must, the advice and direction you get is excellent, do that before you fill in your application and you will increase your chance of getting through the sift ten fold.

    We spoke to several Police Officers on the course and they all said the job was excellent with plenty of opportunity to progress through a whole raft of specialities. Thats why I am going for it!!
  5. Is this course something done through re-settlement?

    I've been out of the mob for a while now.
    However as you say the sheer range of specialist jobs, that sense of cameraderie
    and however corny it sounds the chance to do something respectable for the greater good
    are all very appealing to me. (yes and the opportunity to wear a uniform again!)
  6. I am still serving but signed off, would like to join the police when i leave and would be interested to know if there was a course/skill i could take during my resettlement that would benefit me in application or joining of the police? any advice would be appreciated.
  7. JINGO

    JINGO War Hero Book Reviewer

    I wont presume to give advice on the application process to either of you as it differs from force to Force and its a very different kettle of fish from when i did mine. What i will say RR is that yes it is an excellent job and yes there are many many different opportunities to specialise, i will qualify this by saying it can also be the most frustrating job you will ever do and you will come accross some of the most infuriating and exasperating people that you have ever met. Im talking about your fellow officers and civillian "staff", the public are another matter entirely!
    Coming from a military background you will have expectations about sense of duty/appearance/discipline and how to deal/speak with people. My advice to you is to enter the training with your eyes open and your mouth shut,take what you can get from it but sort the wheat from the chaff. When you get on Division and finally join a shift then you should find the kindred spirits/comradeship that you are looking for.
    You will know them when you find them, they are the ones who just get on with it quietly taking thieves and dealing with the shit. They are happy to wear the big hat,work night shifts,and remain on response without arse licking their way up the greasy management pole.
    Dont be put off by this its the greatest job in the world, hopefully im just giving you a bit of a heads up about the "trainers" and all the diversity crap you will have to wade through before you get your boots on the street.
    Good Luck and mind how you go.
  8. I hate them
  9. I spent an evening shadowing a shift in Hampshire about a year ago. The two guys who were looking after me were both ex Navy. One of them had done the PPO Course, one hadn't. Both recommended that the best way to get an insight was to shadow a shift and use the oportunities provided by resettlement to get another trade (plumbing, plastering, electrician etc) in case the Police application falls through.
  10. The Police are bent. Well they are in Manchester anyway.

  11. As in homosexual or corrupt? :?
  12. Sorry "Corrupt".
  13. I have to echo Jingo. Its a great job, but also very frustrating at times.

    Do join if you like not knowing what your next tasking will be.

    Don't join if you think it will be like the army. It won't, about the only similarity is the uniform, and most officers seem to have trouble wearing that properly.

    I left the army due to the operational tempo not fitting with family life. I looked for a job that gave me the buzz of ops but where I got to go home at the end of the day. Nearly thirteen years on, I can say that it ticks the box I was looking for.
    Be prepared to meet people such as have appeared on this thread, who will dislike you without even knowing you, and for Gods sake don't ever, ever think you are going to make a diiference. You won't.