Joining The TAs At 17 + Fitness Questions?

I've been watching the dvd pack on the TA's and I'm really interested in joining(as I can't go full time because of collage then uni ) but a lot of the members seem to be already in a profession. Do many soldiers join at around 17? Also before I join I have a long way to get fit which is the best way to ago about this which areas should I concentrate on? Thanks in advance :)
If you're in a city with a university, you might be surprised at the number of students who join the TA.

Fitness-wise, you need to improve your cardiovascular fitness and your upper body strength as the main priorities; see your local friendly AFCO for details of the standards expected of you. There's plenty of advice in the health and fitness forum too.

Bets of luck to you :)
Yes, we currently have around 30 new recruits all ranging between 17 (and 3 quarters) and 21.

To start with basic fitness do some pressups/situps inbetween breaks whilst watching telly, and 3 or 4 times a week go out for a run. Run for 15 minutes, stop, and run back home again.

Once you're doing this comfortably look on here under the fitness forums to get advice on getting your fitness levels even higher, the above advice is just to get you interested in fitness before you start using 'propper' techniques to improve your stamina and speed.
From my experiance i would join before uni. I wish i had done a summer challenge course in my year 12/13 summer gets the training out of the way. Also unless you are pretty unfit you shouldnt find the physical side to hard this isnt to put you of traing because its important, but something you can work on by running several times a week with some upper body throw in. Just my opinion but it was a pain going on basic training weekends every other week when events were on at the SU its a different kettle of fish when your trained its SU or fibua?

i wonder what wins?
Build your endurance up as best you can, lots of running and six mile walks (at a brisk pace!). When I joined I used to do a fair bit of running anyway so the 1.5 miles runs weren't a problem, but I was surprised how difficult I found CFTs.
with the TA its up to you to get fit and maintain that in your own time, your first 7 RT weekends you can be doing short intensive PT about 4 times a weekend, Also if your under 18 you have to stay and sleep in your own room with other under 18 year old, a lad on our course has to do that.
All I can say is go for it! Pop down to your local TAC, you'll soon see there is a big range in peoples age's and experience. We have a variety of ex regs, students, employed, layabouts and just about everything in between. On my CIC one of the best lads in my platoon had only just turned 18, was still at college doing some hideous NVQ type course. He was miles ahead of some others. So in a nutshell, age is not a barrier, ability might be, but you will never know unless you try. Plus the spare beer tokens come in handy!


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