joining the TA?

hi, i have been interested in joining the army for some time now and about 2 weeks ago i applied at to go on a 2 day introduction type thing on oct 24th but i decided not to go because of an injury.

someone phoned me about a week ago about joining the army and i told her i was still interested in joining the TA, she then got me to agree to a "meeting with an army careers adviser" on the 22nd (today) to meet a serving soldier and ask questions.

the problem is i know very little about the army and the TA and what it involves and if i am the right person to join.

Ive just turned 18 with no GCSEs and currently on job seekers allowance living at home with parents.

i really don't know what i should be asking at this meeting and why i even want to join the TA, the thought of running around with sa80's looks like a lot of fun but i don't think that's a good enough reason.

its 6:16am now so i doubt anyone will reply in time but just in case, what kind of questions should i be asking? and what area of the TA should i be looking at to really get stuck in?

Think through the practicalities - ask about how it will fit with your life, ie time commitments, what training you will go through, what the weekends are like etc. Ask about adventure training, opportunities to go on tour all that good stuff. If all else fails just ask how their career has panned out, what made them join and stay and (hopefully) some questions will occur on the spot.

I would say you'd be best joining an infantry based unit so talk to them about what's in your area. So there's one question to start with.

(Is this a wah? If it is, in my defence it's early :D)

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