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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Uesrname, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi

    I'm interested in joining the TA and was hoping someone could shed a little light on the training process. All the information I've been able to find online is quite vague. What I am really interested is what different courses I have to do, the order in which I do them, and the timescale over which they take place.

    I guess there's some sort of basic training course that everyone takes whatever they're going to do, followed by specific courses for different jobs. I would like to be a CMT, perhaps in 144 Parachute Medical Squadron, so that would add in P Coy to the courses I have to take? The Jumps Course too? What order would I do those in? (i.e. CMT course then P Coy, or vice versa?) How long does each course last?

    Also, I'm 26. Am I a bit past it to be thinking about P Coy? Should I be content with being a CMT in another unit?

    Finally, I understand that compulsory mobilisations finished a few years a go. Would I still have the opportunity to volunteer? In theory, how long would it take me to do whatever number of these training courses I needed to do to reach the right proficiency to volunteer?

    A lot of questions, I realise, but I would prefer to know as much as possible before contacting the TA. Thank you for taking the time to read and anser, it's very appreciated.
  2. I can offer some very good advice.

    Take a long hard look at your username and remember how to spell it.

    If you try to log on as "Username" your password will be rejected.

    Hope that helped. :)
  3. Ha, thanks I'll bear that in mind. :)
  4. Sixty

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  5. Cheers! But I've already read that. These are the questions I've left after perusing it. :)
  6. Go down your local unit, arrange an interview!

    The training process goes similar to this,

    Interview - a chance to meet the recruiting staff, ask any questions you may have etc
    Medical - on a successful medical including hearing test you should then get measured for kit probably wont be same day though.
    - After this you will probably have to wait a bit until a date is arranged for you to attend a RSW (Recruit selection weekend)
    - On successfully passing the RSW you will then begin your phase 1 basic training which is normally held over several weekends and a final 2 week course at ITC catterick.

    This will probably be slightly different for you, because you are looking to join a medical detachment. But you get the idea kind of?

    mobilisation is still "voluntary" but this may change in the future.
  7. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    Ok. You'll have to do your CMSR. Courses and timescales depend upon your unit.

    At 26 you're not even vaguely past it.

    And, yes, once trade trained, you could make it known that you'd like to go.

    Speak to the people you want to join, rather than people on t'interweb.
  8. Yes, I get the idea thanks.

    Oh, I do intend to go chat to them soon! I just prefer to have as much information as possible before I do that.

    Thanks for your help.
  10. Sixty, tothepubandbeyond, everyone, cheers! Your answers have been really helpful.

    As you say though, if anyone else has any specific information on TA P Coy or CMT training, I'd be keen to hear it too.
  11. Brilliant!! :D
  12. I am considering joining the TA. well, filled in the application. I am 40, a pretty fit 40, but still 40. How common i it for people of tht age to join up? Currently I am in the specials and have been for about 3 years, obviously that is not the same as the TA, but can be very confrontational and I am hoping my experience in conflict management, resolution might help me.
  13. It's uncommon, but not unique. There are many units clamouring for people with appropriate skills where age is less of an issue. At 40, we can still get up to 15 years out of you! ;)

    Unless you're aiming for the RMP, then your Specials experience probably won't be particularly relevant and may even be in conflict with what you get taught.
  14. What's your day job? Is it something that the Army might want? Take a look at Nationally recruited TA units, they tend to allow older people to join as they are usually desperate for their civvy skills. I'm a CAD technician and i was 42 when i joined and i wasn't the oldest on my recruit course. It helps if you have previous military experience as well. I was in the TA back in 1991 i think it was (only for a year but it counted).

  15. WAH WAH WAH :roll: