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I am 18 and looking at joining the TA. Is it possible to just join for a few months?
I am looking to join either Army or RAF in a few months, so would like a bit of a taste of the TA to see if I like it. Is this possible?

Do you have to commit to a certain amount of time, or can you just join and leave when you want (i guess there would be a certain amount of notice before leaving)

It will take more than a few months to get into the TA properly i.e. past all the initial training.
I can't see a unit wanting to take you on and invest money in training you for you to leave after a few months. That said, phone the units in your area and see what they say, but don't hold your breath.
If you were looking to go regular in 1 or 2 years this would not be a problem, any less than 1 year and you will be wasting everyone's time.
Bud, quit being lazy and have a look around, all this stuffs on the internet.

Officially, I believe you sign up to a minimum of 3 years after attestation, but in reality it's give notice to your CoC and hand your kit in.
Initial sign on is 12 years but you can give 3 months notice (this can be waived) - absolutely no point joining for a few months - a waste of everyone's time including your own!

No point in joining for such a short time, but have a chat with your local unit and you might be able to have an 'unofficial' look around and see what goes on.

What are you thinking of joining as?

Good luck!

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