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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by scouse_phil, Oct 4, 2009.

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  1. Is it me or is anyone else having problems getting recruiters to contact them?

    I have now called the number of the unit I was thinking of joining twice - no answer, and have sent 3 emails - no reply! This being since May - the number and email address taken from the unit's website.

    Is the TA in such a good position now that it does not require people to join?
  2. Mate, you need to get yourself down to the unit in person on drill nights - ususally a tues or weds night.

    You can then have a good look at the unit and they you. Hope that helps.
  3. Good position? Or bad position?
  4. I agree with Farmboy; nothing will really happen unless you make it. Get yourself down to your local unit and have a chat with the recruitment officer.
  5. Cheers.

    I was wary of just turning up uninvited. The unit is just over an hours drive away and i didn't fancy making a wasted journey!
  6. It won't be wasted, but check in advance to make sure they are actually training that night, there have been cuts in training recently and some units are only doing 2 tue/wed nights a month.
  7. Just try and be proactive, no one is gonna hold your hand and do it for you. Have you tried ringing them during the hours of their drill night? Maybe the web page is old has not been updated with new contact details, maybe try and contact another unit that is part of the Regt/Battalion to express your interest in your local unit.
  8. Thanks again.

    I can't check if they are training or not as they are not answering the phone. I have called them during the day and during what I believed to be a drill night. I have even contacted their parent unit but again, no use! I had a friend who recently left the unit to pursue other things and I got the number from him which was also the number on the website!

    I think my only option is to do the drive and see if anyone is in when I get there!!
  9. Which unit are we shaming here ?
  10. Chap,

    Might not be much help but I went through the Regiment HQ of the unit I wanted to join for recruitment details. They couldn't have been more helpful.

    If nothing else they should be able to give you a name/contact details for a specific individual to get hold of rather than a general office number.

    Failing that, your local army careers office should have a TA recruiter (even if part time) who should be able to help.

    I've only just gone through this process (was on RSW this weekend just gone) so it worked for me!