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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Lewis2009, Jul 11, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I'm looking to join the TA sometime this week. I've just got a couple of questions to ask beforehand which haven't been answered already :)

    How do I go about joining, is the best option to visit a recruitment office ?

    I'm 17 and am currently doing my A Levels. I tried to get an army scholarship however I couldn't attend main board because I had to have an operation. I have my briefing + AOSB in March '10. Would it be better for me to go for Officer/Soldier in TA ?

    I'm pretty sure it's been answered currently but am I right in thinking that I can directly transfer from TA to Regular ? I'm planning on going to RMAS after leaving school, and my two regiment choices on my 'file' are para's and rifles however my local TA is 5rrFusilers ?

    How long does it take before I'm a qualified soldier/officer (i.e. out of basic) and what do the first couple of weeks entail and weekend camps ? I've been in the CCF for a couple years so I know a lot of the tactical /military side of things. Also when and what kit are you issued with and what do you need to buy, if anything ?
  2. Sorry I can't help myself: I can't help thinking that a thread entitled "Joining the TA" would be best placed in a forum entitled "Joining the TA" (see the top of the page).
    I hope this answers your questions about comissioning.
  3. Forgot to add that I have ALOT of free time, so I was wondering if this would make basic and phases get done a lot quicker ??

    Also, After I've made first initial contact, how long until I can start with Phase 1 etc...
  4. If you are intending to join 'sometime this week', wouldn't it have been advantageous to have made some enquiries and found answers before now?

    How can you be intending to join 'sometime this week' if you haven't even decided whether you want to be an Officer or OR?

    Is this a Wah?

    One of the requirements of an Officer, especially at the sharp end, where you alleged choice of Regts will place you firmly, is the ability to assimilate information, balance options, arrive at different courses of action and make a decision.

    Your post leads me to believe that you have failed to demonstrate the ability to do any of those things, at the moment!
  5. Ah I failed to see it, I've just registered here and have never used a forum before.... My fault, I guess I don't know the correct procedure.

    I was only told yesterday by my ACA whilst at Catterick that I could join as an officer rather than a Soldier however I've later found out that I am required to have two A levels, which I won't have until next year. As for my current situation within the military - I passed my briefing (Cat 1) however I couldn't attend my main board due to a significant injury to my left wrist which required surgery.
  6. 1) Decide what you want to be, Infantry, artillery, medic, Logistics, Engineer etc.
    2) Find a unit that does that near to you.
    3) Phone them up and tell them that you want to join.
    4) Visit when they tell you to and follow further instructions.
    5) Opinion: If you haven't done your A-levels yet, just join as a soldier and don't worry about commissioning until you've finished college. Better to concentrate the energy on your studies.

    Have fun.

    PS. If this is a wah I will hunt, kill and eat you! :)
  7. Thanks for the good reply mate :)

    I'll do that. I'll most likely be applying to 5RRF as it's my local infantry regiment. Yeah I'm going to join as a soldier.

    Any idea how quick the process can move, just I currently have 6 or more weeks free so could I start selection/PH1 ?
  8. Your unit can tell you about the condensed programmes where you do phase 1 training in a 4 week period. It might well be a little late for that now - I believe the Midlands Challenge starts in the next couple of weeks. But it's worth checking if the equivalent for your area is any later, with sufficient time to get your security checks etc completed. MODs 2 and 3 of TA Potential Officer training (TAPO) are done in condensed versions in certain RTCs as well, so might work for you.
  9. Again, thanks for a good answer.

    I've decided to go Soldier and put my main focus into my studies for my last year at school. Then it's time to RMAS :)
  10. He's missed Midlands Challenge. Will take 6-8 months to complete training from what I've been told.
  11. I was expecting something around that length.

    Do you get paid whilst your in training, because this time next year I'll have left school and hopefully (fingers crossed) embarking on a career as an officer :)
  12. msr

    msr LE

    You do, but I would strongly suggest you concentrate on your education.

  13. Also, if you are thinking about getting a degree (which it sounds like you're not and I would seriously consider), then stick with the TA rather than OTC.
  14. I've been over the Degree situation so many times before both with parents and others.

    I've decided to apply for university however it is very unlikely that I will attend. If I pass my main board in March, I will definetly go to RMAS straight away. Maybe wait till the next intake, rather than September (>? I think)

    If I did go to uni, I would stick with TA rather than UOTC.
  15. I started training in the March, after filling in all the forms in the February and passed off in the July. I think it depends if you are able to clear your diary and get lucky with dates. Of my 1B intake I was one of the later ones to go to ATR. But I believe they have changed the structure of selection etc now so perhaps it takes longer?