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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by beel999, Dec 27, 2008.

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  1. Hello im 16, 17 in 4 months.
    Can i apply to join the TA now? im in 6th form and really want to join.

  2. Give them a call and ask them. They'll not bite your head off.

    08457 300 111
  3. msr

    msr LE

  4. Yeah i would ring but they are shut till like the 5th,
    can i apply as im 17 in 4 months or do i have to wait till im 17 to apply?
  5. Why?

    Most people who join the TA these days are students.

    Beel, there's no harm in using that time till your 17 to go in and see the unit you want to join.

    You will need your parents permission to join though.
  6. if you wana have a look at whats involved don't waste your time, contact a ta unit or the careers office and get some info.

    i didn't do anything until my early 20's, now im nearly 30 i wish i had the opportunity to do somethin earlier, my advice, get all the options out in the open and remember things can change...

    best of luck...
  7. Well i know i want to join 3 PWRR as they are the nearest ones and i always wanted to do infantry. But i read somewhere you have to be 17 to apply and 17 and half to start training, is this true?

  8. I remember our recruiting cpl turning away a young lad because he wasn't 17 yet.

    Go in and see your local unit.
  9. I joined 3PWRR at age 17- 6 months this year, I am also at college, I would seriously consider getting A levels done before joining, my January exams are the day after my Recruit Training Weekend One which will knacker you out. However the recruiting staff understand as many members of the TA are students, its totally up to you really.

    In short, you have to be 17 and 6 months to join, this is the age where you can get your medical and recruit selection completed and start training.

    Hope that helps,

  10. Hmm might join the royal marine reserves, i see they take you on at 16 as long as you have finished your GCSE's why dont the TA take you on that early?
  11. I've got exams the day after we get back too mate! Not good!
  12. I was told you have to be 18 to start training