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Hello TA fellas

I know a young lad who is in the process of applying for the TA. He is worried that his drink driving conviction and a conviction for possession of an offensive weapon will exclude him. He's asked me for advice and I honestly couldn't say.

his drink driving do was a twelve month ban. A close to the limit reading so they took a blood sample (As happened to me about eight years ago.) The offensive weapon thing was a bit of scrapping around town of a friday night.

As far as I am aware he has been honest with the recruiting staff and told them about it. Will he still be allowed to join? There are no convictions for any theft or dishonesty just the ones mentioned above. What do you reckon?

I'm afraid I forgot to ask which unit he had applied to join?

What happens when a lad joins the TA? Do the recruiters do a criminal record check? Are these offences likely to exclude him?

Any (constructive) comments appreciated.
From my (failing) memory, he may have to wait until the convictions become "spent" under the Rehab of Offenders Act, although if he's a youngster I seem to recollect that there may be a reduced waiting time for this.

Best bet is to tell the recruiters the truth and let them put his application in. If it gets bounced back, they should be in a position to tell him why. I had a few in my time who were able to join after the requisite period.

There are likely to be a couple of units he won't be able to join (RMP might be a non-starter, ditto RAMC) but truth now, even if it means a wait of a couple of years, really is the best policy. For the unit to find out later that he hasn't been truthful would be a bad thing.

If you need more info, your local recruiting office might be able to advise as I'm fairly sure the same rules apply for the regulars.

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Thanks for that Fluffy. As he is a young 'un the convictions are, as I understand it, spent already. Thanks for that. As I explained to him at the time of the offences they may affect his choices later in life. He's not a bad lad. Just made some mistakes (I myself was much more of a scrapper at the same age.)

It's not a RMP unit he's wanting to join (trust me I've warned him off.) I think he said something about a siggie unit but I can't remember.

I appreciate your recollections Fluff.
Nae bother Lairdx

He might find certain specialisations in the Scalies closed to him as well (depending on the role of the unit he intends joining and the vetting policy in force), which I recall being true of most Regiments & Corps, but should be able to find a number of interesting jobs, or maybe even another unit with a less sensitive role.

Might be worth a quick ask when he's next at the unit. I know we had to get our flaggies vetted again when we got some new kit once and they upped the sy level.

Kind regards

Thanks again. I've just telephoned the boy and he says he fancies being a Gunner or and Infantryman like his hard uncle lairdx.
As long as the convictions are spent under the rehab act 1974 then he shouldnt have a problem, generally as a rule it is possible to get in with 2 unspent convictions, however it depends on what the convictions are.

Driving only becomes a problem if under the age of 21 and the trade he wants to go into involves driving LGV as he will not be able to take an LGV test until over 21 now for the forces due to a D&D conviction, it will not however stop him driving class B vehicles.

A lot of it still comes down to individual cases to be honest ;)
fivetodo said:
A lot of it still comes down to individual cases to be honest ;)
Thanks for that. And thanks to all who have provided info and pms. I'm curious fivetodo. Why the wink? Do you fancy me?

Pity.... :wink:

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