Joining the TA whilst on meds for Depression?

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First point : I have searched the other threads for the answer but they were all full of grumpy ********* telling the poster to search the other threads and posts encouraging suicide. Feel free to post either if it makes you happy, but I doubt it benefits anyone

Ok cheers – I have been on mirtazapine for the past 2 years (anti depressant), originally cos I felt like shit, but now because it helps my insomnia which plagued me for years and was prob one of the main causes I felt like shit

Anyone applied to join the London reg , and I have recently attended it of a Tuesday night and sat in on some classes. Really keen to come back.

Just sent off my OMQ with the local surgery that prescribed me, except I didn’t admit any past psychological problems.

Am I fucked? Are they gonna scrap my application cos of this? Ill be seriously ******* gutted if so. Joining the TA is something ive wanted to do for a while. Im hoping they don’t check – is that stupid

Anyway, your thoughts would be hugely appreciated



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Sorry, chances are they will find out, near to 100% as they will want to see your med records. I am sure someone who say for certain, but I think you need to be "clear" (for want of a better word) of anti-depressants for a specified length of time in order to be accepted.
cheers for the reply

i did lie so much as i neglected to mention it on the TA OMQ form.

as i see it, the medication i am on now is for insomnia, not depression


Yes, you will fail when your GP completes the documents for your application.

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