Joining the TA whilst at Uni.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Boundy, May 28, 2006.

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  1. Thinking about joining the TA whilst at Uni.

    Just finished my first year (Computer Science / Wolverhampton) and was thinking about joining the TA during my second and third years and then joining the Army upon leaving Uni.

    One main thing that is bugging me about it all though is if I get called up but I have exams or coursework deadlines I can't just turn around and so I don't want to go can I?

    Or is it possible to be exempt from a call up because of my being at Uni and needing to complete my studies.

    Anyone here joined the TA whilst at Uni and if so had any problems with it at all?

  2. If you're a student then it's unlikely to result in you being called up.

    It usually takes 18 months to get you up to a deployable standard anyway and to get yout through your TAFS, CMS(R) and GAP, not to mention your trade.

    Join up. It's good money for something worth doing. PM me if you need anymore info and don't forget to checkout the ARRSEpedia for more info.
  3. I'm pretty sure that if you're in full time education, they WON'T call you up.

    You could join a TA unit, or perhaps ask at the OTC? The OTC is timetabled a little more conveniently for students.
  4. Ah, might just do that then, will most likely join in September then probably.

    It says the pay is £30 a day.

    The local TA unit to me runs Tuesday evening 6:45-9:00.

    I read somewhere about an hour ago that a full days pay is £30 which is 8 hours. Am I right in assuming you are paid less than £30 then for going to training on weekdays but on weekend training you'll be there the whole day and paid the full £30.

    Also, when does the annual training camp take place or is that different for each TA unit.
  5. If he is a student he CANT get called up (although one of our blokes took a year out to go to AFG) so you can volunteer.
    Best thing to do it go to the OTC for two years; if u have an aptitude then get commissioned and go to the TA as a probationary 2LT.
  6. Thats sorted then. :D

    How would I go about joining my local TA unit then.

    Just turn up on a training evening and ask to talk to someone about joining up?
  7. Pop along to your local unit on any training evening, but ring first during the day just to make sure they are actually training that night ......

    Pay is done in 1/4 day chunks.

    Train for at least 2 hours, get 1/4 day.
    4 hours is 1/2 day, 8 hours (up to 24 in a calendar day) is a day.

    As an example, if you rock up at your TA centre on a Friday evening for training at 6pm, you should get 1/2 day for the period up to 23:59 Hrs, then 2 full days for Sat/ Sun.

    You also get travel expenses which are based on fares to/ from TAC or miles to/ from, depending on how you travel.

    Annual Camp dates vary with unit. Those in the TA can be pretty well much anytime in the year, those for the OTC tend to be in the Uni Summer Hols.

    Your first camp will likely be your basic training, which is run several times a year.

    Your pay increases with mil qualifications and rank achieved, and to a lesser extent with time served.

    Don't wait until September though. Get down and start the process. It can take a while before you are taken on strength and can start training.
  8. Given how you say that the basic training camps are run more than once a year, what about other camps for say adventure training or what not.

    Because of them being run more than once a year if a training camp conflicted with me being at Uni would it be possible to skip it up until the summer and do it then instead?
  9. Basic runs a number of times a year, so you should be able to find one times to suit you. get your arrse down to the TAC and you might still be in with a chance at one this Summer.

    Until you've done basic (or whatever it's called these days) you won't be allowed to do another course as you are still a recruit.
  10. This is a reply I gave to someone else in another thread asking the same kind of questions that you were.

    Go for the otc option , Remember that otc is structured around the uni semesters, designed for students, where as TA is constant through out the whole year. Right now in uni land its exam time, would you rather be;

    A) hitting the books on a saturday night till 2am?

    B) do some TA type stuff and then hit the pub, whilst earning vodka tokens at the same time, before comming back to try to study?

    You might say to yourself now , ''If I go TA come exam time I will take time off'' , believe me (and im sure others will back me up) the TA can become addictive, especially for the skint student in dire need of booze tokens , remeber you are at uni to get a degree. Do you have a view to joining the army as an officer? where 80-85% of sandhurst recruits now have a degree. You are not at uni to get a degree in TA studies , but to get the best degree you can achieve. As I said the otc is structured round uni time so two weeks from now (when exams are over) its going to be virtually non-stop until september ( when uni starts back). I would recommend you do this during your degree, its easier to leave an otc compared to the TA if you do not like it, or you don't have the time due to degree work. Have a nose around the various TA regements during your otc time, they all offer attatchments so get yerself on a couple of them and decide what regiment is for you. Finish your degree and head off to sandhurts the summer right after you finish your studies , then go to a TA reg and get a tour under your belt and then get a civvy job. Or you might enjoy OTC/TA so much you fancy going regular. What ever you choose consider all the options and good luck.

    if you want anymore info on otc's or have any questions feel free to PM me.

    As a postscript after leaving school I tried to join my local RA battery whilst at uni and then join the regular REME, they told me to go off to the OTC .
  11. Ah nice one, not sure about joining before September though but I will be joining, if I think about anything else I don't know then I'll post again.

    Thanks for the help so far. :D
  12. Also as someone mentioned above in response to one of your question, one of my mates got his degree, transfered to 4para, got his commision and headed off to Iraq for 8 months, he came back, the student loan was paid off and he's just bought himself a mint condition capri (not sure if thatsmuch of an incentive) He has now went back to uni and is doing his msc.
  13. What exactly is the OTC then?

    And when do you train for and what not?

    Did look at this earlier and saw that the closet UOTC is Birmingham and they do recruit from Wolverhampton but how would I go about joining that and is the pay the same as the TA?
  14. Whoah bear with me this is going to be a lengthy answer.
  15. The otc is a divsion of the TA. Its specifically designed for university students, who aspire to be an officer, and the training is structured round the uni terms, so no training now but lots and lots over the summer holidays. Theyre are three levels that your are trained to.

    MTQ(military training qualification) 1- this involves all the basic skills that every soldier learns - drill, firing the rifle, basic field craft, first aid, navigation.Once you have passed this you can easily slot into a section (8 man group of soldiers) and part take in field exercises.

    MTQ 2- then you start to develop your leadership skill you are given some responsabilities and you start to learn the theory combat scenarios, this cumulates in a thing called a combat estimate, this involves you planing attacks, recce patrols, section attacks and theoretical platoon attacks (30 men). When you pass this you get a pay rise and will be able to perform the duties of a section commander during field exercises.

    MTQ3- This is where you polish off your leadership skills and by the end you will be able to plan and lead a platoon attack (30 man attack with mortars, gpmg support fire, all controlled by you.)
    Once mtq3 is done you will teach the newer intakes the skills you have learned, and yes you are trained to teach and are also given recognise qualifications.

    In addition to all this you are prepped for going forward for RCB/TCB if you so wish to do so, they're is a brilliant social life, all the other officer cadets are the same age as you and are interested in the same things . They're is also the opportunity to do things that none of your uni mates will ever get the chance to do. And on top of it all you get paid £33 aday whilst MTQ1/2 and then £39 when mtq3,and make a cracking set of new friends.

    To give you an idea of some of the things you can get upto this is the kind of things i've done in 4 and a half years.

    -Gone on attatchment to an AS90 reg
    -Been Attatched to a regular REME workshop
    -Played enemy against regular engineers ( the bulid up training was excellent simply because two or three cadets were slotted , into a section an told to crack on)
    -Played enemy against TA Para's
    -Been attatched to various cadet units
    -Played civ pop against the police
    -Spent several weekends with regular signals regiments learning what they do
    -live firing with the RATA that told me to got to the otc in the first place

    and hopefully some time later on in the year I will get an attatchment to a Tank reg.

    Im off to sennybridge on saturday for two weeks, then on to some where in bedford shire to play enemy against the police, then there is various other things over the summer. Between now and september I will have maybe 4 , 4 and a half weeks off. Its very much on a how much you want to do basis. All the staff are very understanding about your degree priorities, there is a minimum requirement, something like two weeks annual camp, 4 weekends and 19 drill nights a year. Pass these requirments and attempt your bpfa,cft and you get a bonus of between £125-180 a year, depending how long you've done. Unlike the rest of the TA you cannot be called up for war ( theoretically you can but when i asked about it , i was told I would be called up just before the scouts/brownies).