Joining the ta then maybe joining the army in future?


I am ex army having served 5 years as a infantryman (left in june 09). I am in the process of joining the TA in a medical unit as i now work in a hospital.
My question is, If I get into the TA and say a year passes, how easy or hard would it be for me to join the regulars again but this time in a medic role (ROYAL ARMY MEDICAL CORPS).
I no that there has to be a place available but surely it wouldn't be a nightmare? wouldn't it?



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10:54am, Tue 22 Jan 2013 5,300 Army jobs to be cut
Army medics to be affected by next round of job cuts
Last updated Tue 22 Jan 2013
Politics Army Ministry of Defence Defence Armed Forces The MoD has predicted a fourth "tranche" of redundancies, with medical personnel among those affected:

“There is likely to be a need for a further tranche for Army personnel and medical and dental personnel from the RN and RAF in due course.

– MoD statement
Can't see where that quote has come from as the webpage is mainly a video link and I am at work (can't stream)

Army medics to be affected by next round of job cuts - ITV News
I do enjoy my job although it lacks excitement and the civvies that's are muppets (do a degree might I add) and haven't got any sense of humour. I just thought to see how the TA went ( best of both worlds and all that bullshit) and then maybe consider regulars after a year or so.
If you reapply for the regs you will be classed as a re-enlister and will need to go through the AFB203 special enlistment process via APC through your local AFCO / ACIO. But in April the recruiting process is changing as Craptia is taking over the process for the army as a whole, now if there is changes to the current way od ex-serving differs nobody knows! I will all be done on line!

So in a nutshell, your saying if I ever do want to apply do it now because we don't know what the policies will be for this crap company?

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