Joining the TA soon. Need some advice.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by Brydom, Jul 4, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    I am looking to join the TA very soon as a driver.

    Just looking for some people who are in the TA based in Cumbernauld...124 Field Squadron (Air Sp) (V) & Headquarter Squadron 71 Engineer Regiment?

    Is there anyone already there doing a drivers job? If so what is the role like?

    I will be going along on Tuesday night to find out more info and basiclly make my mind up about joinging.

    I just want a little heads up on what to expect at the center, where to go, who to speak to...etc.

    Anyway any help would be good


  2. Just walk up to the door and tell them you are interested in joining . Let them take it from there . there is a ton of paperwork to take away and complete , a date to fix for a medical and probably an informal chat about what you want to do and why with another chat with the administration officer . You should find the recruit team friendly and practical . They've done this before many times and there is a process to go through that often takes ages , and sometimes involves a lot of hanging around . You will get to know the other recruits pretty well and you will end up helping each other through the process . It's a huge learning curve unless you've done cadets or similar so just go with the flow and don't worry about anything . Wear clean jeans and sweat shirt or similar and shave before you go in . You don't need any documents at this stage as you will be given a list of what you need with your paperwork . Hang around for a beer at the end if you fancy , people will talk to you and answer any questions you have . Welcome to the green machine !
  3. Try Scottish Transport Regiment if driving is your thing, 221 Sqn in Glasgow is your closest but be warned it is hoaching with 'Weegies. :D,TheScottishTransportRegimentRoyalLogisticCorps.aspx
  4. Lol...Weegies...

    Had a look at the link. Looks more like what I am looking for.

    Just another quick question...

    Would I be limited to the minimum commitment or could I go more nights/weekends that I have free?
  5. Thanks for the info. Can't wait to get started but how long does it take to join up?
  6. While you wouldnt be limited to the minimum - I dont know what your limit on training days would actually be. I have spoken to a few friends in the regiment lately who are saying that while there hasnt been a limit given to them in training days (some units seem to be talking about a 50 day cap) there seems to have been less training events planned and therefore less days available to them.
    However as a new recruit you may require to do more than that to complete your training within a year if you so wish - and there has never been a problem authorising extra training for recruits in the past so initially you should be unaffected.
  7. What regiment are you in?
  8. Formerly Scottish Transport Regiment.