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hello everone, i am in the process of joining the ta, iam waiting a date for my medical. when i was younger i had mild asthma, iam now 27 and have'nt had a attack now for 10+ years. will this effect my application.
Same here. If it was mild when you was younger and you've not had an attack for over 10 years then I personally wouldn't mention it. It never cropped up when I was going through recruiting stage. Mind you, that was 5 years ago, I don't know the routine now. Don't imagine it's changed much.

Just be honest! if you hide anything it could come back to bite you in the rear!

It did not effect my friends who was pretty much in the same position as yours!
10+ years sounds fine. There is a rule (cannot remember it exactly) but if you have not had to use you r inhalor for x number of years then it's ok. I'm pretty sure its less than 10 years as well.



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It will still appear on your medical records though whether you've declared it or not.

You should be ok with more than ten years clear but expect them to pay more attention to your lungs anyway even despite you being above the four year threshold.
hello everone, i am in the process of joining the ta, iam waiting a date for my medical. when i was younger i had mild asthma, iam now 27 and have'nt had a attack now for 10+ years. will this effect my application.
Well, bear in mind I'm not a MO, but I understand that whether or not you've had an attack doesn't count (as you could easly be bending the truth). It's 5 years from the last time your doctor issued you medication for the condition, which would be when you were deemed free of risk.

Best to ask either way. I've seen people drop like stones from asthma attacks after getting past the medical by ommiting key information. It's not clever as it puts other people at risk, hence the strict rules.


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Peak-flow test initially ('here, breathe into this tube as hard as you can to test capacity') with spirometry tests if this isn't satisfactory. Bear in mind that this was the case a few years back but I've heard that all mentions of possible asthma now get the spyrometry tests whether your peak-flow is acceptable or not.

Best bet is to get yourself down to the TA Centre and speak to the experts.
I understand that any attack since age 16 is a fail (thus not "childhood asthma"), coupled with a requirement that you have had no prescription or attack for the last 4 years if your last attack was when you were under 16.


a. Not every MO seems to interpret the rules in the same way, so you may get through anyway.

b. You should declare it as the outcome of an asthma attack on you and your mates whilst Terry Taleban is charging towards you with a wild glint in his eye, is bound to be less than optimal.
Er, no. There are different views from the different doctors on the different cases they see, that's why they are employed; to give an expert opinion on a case by case basis. The rules are somewhat open to interpritation, but I would not suggest that it's a hit and miss process.

Do you think you have a problem, based on what people have said? Have you had an attack after the age of 16? Have you had medication given in the past 4 years? If the answers are no, no and no, get stuck in.
Well yeah.. 4 years clear from symtoms, signs, and prescriptions..

Some say you do definately do spirometry, some say it's down to the medical officer.. I mean.. most people in their right mind would hope to not need to do the spiro testing with the thought that they may fail, but if you look at it logically; if you've gone so long without an inhaler.. you really can't need it, and therefore you must be fine, unless you're a lazy bugger, in which case, you should worry a bit.

I'm in the same boat.. just waiting for my 4 years clearance from PRESCRIPTION.. never had an attack :)
RoyalEngineers said:
never had an attack :)
Might just mean you've never pushed yourself hard enough....

spirometry is a case by case thing, I was six years def clear by my records myself and it never came up.

Reason for my first comment is that everyone should be real with themselves, and just because you've never had an attack doesn't always mean you should not be classed asthmatic. I grew up with plenty of kids that wouldn't have been able to run 2 miles for example without breaking down in a wheezing fit yet I was the only one who's records will ever mention asthma...why? because I actually tried to do 2 miles in my best effort regardless as opposed to going 'feel a bit tight I'll stop'
I've really pushed myself, so hard before.. I am highly confident in my belief.. everything would suggest so.. however you are right, there is no telling, however, I would definate not expect to have one, or even know what an attack was if I was having one to be quite honest :oops:
thats all good then, just get pissed off with fat unhealthy, lazy bastards that say "i'm not asthmatic" when it doesn't really matter coz they can't move 3 feet anyway... Then again also get pissed off with fat, lazy gits who claim to be "asthmatic" when actually they're just plain fat and lazy too.

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