joining the TA just wanted some advice

Im looking to join the TA as an infantryman, my nearest unit is Hornsey (The London Regiment B Company) ive started jogging and have a long way to go to get fit as i dont excercise regularly and am pretty unfit. i was wondering how long the application process takes and is it worth me applying now to give myself a little more motivation and a date to aim for? or should i keep training before contacting the unit. I want to get in a.s.a.p. and its just the fitness to sort out, any advice would be appreciated.
Go along and speak to them, it will take some time to get your paperwork processed.



Go see them and get the ball rolling. You can always tell them you don't feel like you are ready to take on selection and they should understand. What is your 1.5 mile run time? For infantry, 13 minutes or under for selection is required - although you may be able to afford being slower if you give a good crack at it and you are overall a good egg.
If you start the process now then all the boring paperwork is squared away and you don't have to worry about it later
i was a sack of sh1te at christmas, i found the army fit online training video helpfull, i trained for 3 months before i went along for an interview so i did'nt look to shabby, there's some good advice in here on the 1.5 mile run, maybe try that.

i'm glad i joined up, it's the best shape i've ever been in

good luck to you
im not up to running the 1.5 mile yet ive just started the armyfit program and im struggling as i havnt been keeping fit for years so im a bit out of practice.
Do yourself a favour and join the main unit that lives in the Hornsey TA centre.
He's urging you to join C (144) Parachute Medical Squadron (V), the other unit that resides at Hornsey TAC.
ive just been attested at 52nd lowland 6 scots light role infantry detatchment in edinburgh last week so if you have any questions then ask as its still fresh in my mind, i was at ADSC selection weekend 4 weeks ago and been through the process you are going to.

My knowledge is free ;) just ask

Pvt G
At the interviews they will mainly ask why you want to join the forces, what you think you can bring to them and also if you are willing to go to war and know the risks etc

Ive pm'd you my selection weekend details, long but worth a read. Dont quote me though as it may differ but i done mines at Glencorse on the weekend of 19th - 21st June 09.

Pvt G
Just get your arrse down there mate. B Company are a good bunch of lads and will make you wonder why you didn't do it sooner.

Don't worry about your fizz, that'll come as you continue to work on it... get the ball rolling...
was that aimed at me?
thanks guys, im gonna train for another couple of weeks before i apply, i want to be a bit fitter than i am. i want to give a good impression etc.
jog every second night, do 50 press ups and 50 sit ups a night, also try ranging ur excersises for different muscle groups, helps in the long run for a small bit of effort each evening

P.s eat bananas half hour before a run :p great for pottasium
im runing every other day found some good running programs for begginers so following that for now till i get up to scratch, ill start adding the pressups and situps from next week. as for bananas, thanks for the tip ill have to make sure i buy some.

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