Joining the TA (infantry)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Rossco_25, Nov 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi guys.This is my first post so first of all i'd like to say hello

    I'm 25 and ever since I was little i've always wanted to join the army,but never got round to it.I find myself in a sitution now where the TA woud be my best bet because i have a young family and a decent payed job.

    I hope to join my local regiment 4 Mercian(Staffords).Is there anyone on here who is a member?Are they any good?

    My main question though is about the TA and my employer.I work for a small company and as far as I know there has never been anyone in the TA before so i'm in unchartered territory.Is it better to go and tell my managers before i get the ball rolling or to just go down the TA centre and sign up and worry about work later?

    Any ideas/input would be much obliged.

  2. Better ask your employer you have to tell them now anyway .You can reasssure them that you wont be going to iraq in the next month .
  3. Well done Rossco_25 you are half way to joining. First off get down to your local TAC (TA Centre) and have a look around don't just limit your self to just one, go and see half a dozen (Then pick 4 Mercian).

    As for telling your boss, slip it into a gernal chat when you are having a pint after work. Check his reaction. If it is good - crack on. If it is bad - Crack on and find a new job.
  4. Firstly, visit your local unit or units, find out whether the TA is really for you and if so which Unit you want to join.

    The TA doesn't make you tell your employer straight away - not normally until you've done the first part of recruit training. However:
    - your civi job contract might say that you are not allowed to take other paid work without your employer's permission, in which case you do need to clear it with them straight away
    - generally, it is better to be up front with your employer rather than announce that you're in the TA when you've already been in for months.

    Before you say anything do a bit of homework. Look at the SaBRE site and there's a good leaflet worth reading here which includes stuff about telling your employer.

    If you can, it is a good idea to test the water informally (over a pint as LVH suggests) before saying anything officially.
  5. Good for you!

    Excellent advice above. Have a really good look at all the local units, ask lots of questions get a feel for each TAC. I'm always amazed by how different the atmosphere in units can be, remember you are volunteering for this and it should be fun. Clearly basic training is designed to test you and you have to put your time in to gain full acceptance in a unit but if you feel things are a bit cliquey or jack then find a unit that meets your expectations

    I started out in the Infantry and as an old man am now with a more REMF based cap badge. I think Infantry units tend to run the best training for new TA members as they seem to have more of a system going, largely due to having to process larger numbers of recruits.

    Enjoy it! That is the main thing.
  6. Thanks for the advice guys.I'll have a look around at my local units,but to be honest I dont see myself doing anything other than Infantry.

    Are you in 4 Mercian LVH,or do you know if they are any good?

    I did think about 4 para as i'm in very good shape but going up to leeds every week would be a ball ache and I couldnt see my employers liking the time off needed for para training.
  7. Bit of an update for you guys.The manager is away on holiday so I aint spoke 2 him yet but i've been reading through my company handbook/contract.I found this bit ;


    During your employment you shall not directly or indirectly be employed,engaged,concerned or interested in :

    a) any other business or undertaking which is wholly or partly in competition with or is a supplier to, or customer of the Company, or

    b) any activity which the Company reasonably considers may be, or become, harmful to the interests of the Company or which might reasonably be considered to interfere with the timely and proper performance of your duties under this Agreement or the Company gaining the full benefit of your skill, knowledge and ability.

    anyone help me out? section b doesnt look 2 promising does it?
  8. Probably depends on how big your company is. If it's a decent size, losing you for a few weeks a year won't hurt but if there are only a few employees there they might kick up a fuss. Have a word with your HR dept. Mine were surprisingly helpful.
  9. If you joined 4 PARA as a recruit you would 2 weeks time off to do the Combat Infantryman's Course and P Company and at a later date, should you be successful in both, another 2 weeks time off to do the Basic Parachute Course. Recruit training at the weekends would be in your own time unless you work weekends in your civilian job and are required to take leave for Saturdays and Sundays off work.

    Don't let travel, distance and time put you off joining 4 PARA - there are plenty of other blokes who travel considerable distances to attend training in the various locations. As per many other posts on this subject, visit Units you're interested in, collect the relevant information and ask appropriate questions before making a considered decision.
  10. A lot of it really depends on your employer and how they feel towards the TA.

    The paragraphs you show are very nearly word for word the same as the one in our employee hand book.

    It’s normally used to ensure that if you decide to start your own company while in direct employment or pass information onto competitors, the original company can either take you to court or kick you into touch without the risk of you using unfair dismissal as an excuse to sue them.

    As previously stated its best to talk to them and let them know that you intend to join.

    Under normal TA commitments your training will not cause a problem, weekends and 2 weeks a year, you never know they may let you have an extra couple of weeks holiday (If they are nice) on top of your annual allowance.

    Just be aware they may not be too happy if in a year’s time you tell them you've volunteered for deployment unless you have warned them off, on the flip side they can claim a lot of money off the army for privilege of you having 6 months holiday in a sunny climate

    You can always put them at ease and show them all the information Sabre offer for support and information etc.

    Which company you looking to join?
  11. your section B is a standard on all employment contracts, it does in no way mean that you cannot join and enjoy your time in the TA, get down your local TAC and get the heads up for you and him. make sure once you have dropped the bomb at work that you are armerd with a few facts, look up SABRE first get to grips with the bits hell be happy with, eg his rights and financial incentives to his company. SABRE give sound advice as well as arrange meetings with your boss, if you want, to explain the benefits of having an employee who is as switched on as a switched on thing in a switch factory on switch testing day, best of luck where ever you go, as an infanteer i welcome you as teeth arms truly is cutting edge, sorry all else but you know the score
  12. The company I work for has about 30-40 employees and 3 managers.We have set holidays,which may cause the biggest problem.we normally get a week at easter time,2 weeks in august,a week in october and 2 weeks over xmas plus bank holidays.

    I'm looking to join F coy(Burton-upon-Trent).