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Hi Everyone,

After my last post I've taken on board what everyone was saying about getting some infantry exp and have decided to join The Rangers.

Just a quick question, what is the best way to stop getting blisters? Im getting murdered with them at the min. Ive heard many different, and often conflicting, methods.
Correctly fitting boots.

...laced up correctly.

All too often I see recruits with loosely fitting boots that rub, causing blisters.


And take the time to experiment with different insoles, and where to apply zinc oxide tape to prevent rubbing.

There is no one single answer I'm afraid, just trial and error.
Cheers, whats the craic with buying your own boots for trainingh and exercises? Im obviously talking along the lines of Pro boots or Magnums (which I use now for yomping), not cats or timberlands :p
zinc oxide tape was the best thing i ever got for tabbing. used to suffer with blisters on heels for ages until i got some of that. also swear by and not at issued combat assault boots. best boots ever worn but also use magnums in the field
two pairs of socks, use natural fabrics next to your skin, and buy decent boots LOWA's are good. Magnums will make your feet sweat. Use foot powder before you start a tab.
Not really qualified to advise, but as just back from a 110 k tab, I concur with all of the above - boots must fit properly, they should be fairly tightly laced so they don't move about (as Inf you won't be able to take them off before sleeping, but you must try to loosen them if you're stopping and you're reasonably sure it's for more than an hour - or they'll cut your circulation and you'll be a liability). Don't loosen them too much or lose control of the laces, obviously, you still need to be able to bug out in them.

I swear by Mycil powder (used to be called Mycota back in't day) - a little on the feet, some in the socks, some in the boots. I have met semi pro outdoors people who use Vaseline to prevent friction, but no-one in green.

Zinc oxide tape and/or Compeed works, they both also do very well as a precautionary measure ie when it starts to sting, whack some on. With the boots and tools we have now there is no need to have a blister at all.

What am I doing advising you. Get lots of practice and figure out what works for you. And the best of luck. My TA inf years were fantastic.

stu_TAtech said:
Cheers, whats the craic with buying your own boots for trainingh and exercises? Im obviously talking along the lines of Pro boots or Magnums (which I use now for yomping), not cats or timberlands :p
Not as a recruit.
All good advice above:

Zinc oxide tape (the white, very strong stuff) is excellent but be very careful when taking it off. let your feet dry very thoroughly first.

Surgical spirit toughens the skin if applied to the offending parts BEFORE there's a problem and allowed to dry on the skin.

If/when you get blisters use a needle and thread and leave a bit of thread in when you put a hole in it.

Neatsfoot oil on the pair of boots you use for exercises will soften them up if they need it. Paint it on liberally.
And then make them go septic?

My heels sufferd with big blisters through phase 1, and most of the time it was because my boots were not tight enough. Learnt the hard way lol.

Blisters are inevitable realy, once youve had a few months of doing variouse things in your boots your feet will toughen up. But make sure you use zinc oxide tape, and like someone else said be carefull when taking it off, the amount of times ive ripped my skin off with it is silly.
no-one mentioned 1000 mile socks yet

I suffered a bit in phase one and used Zinc Oxide when I had blisters but on my next long course I used the 1000 milers. Did quite a lot of tabbing etc and my feet were fine (everything else hurt mind).

Recruit courses won't let you wear anything other than issue boots unless you have an MO's letter, something to do with insurance apparently.
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