Joining the TA in York

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Leenie, Nov 17, 2011.

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  1. Hi all,
    new to all this, im looking into joining the TA in York and wondering peoples opinions of the best unit to join.
    Many Thanks for any help ​
  2. 4 Yorks HQ Company.
  3. Thanks for help
  4. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer


    Ride into battle so much more civillised.
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  5. Leenie the QOY are soon to be disbanded as they keep crashing vehicles (both of them) 53 sit in a house and look at the internet all day. The Yorkshire Warriors however get to do great deeds and have superb camps in Canada, Cyprus, Germany, USA, etc etc.

    Only one choice really
  6. thanks crab2stab do u have any details about them ?
  7. Yup ring 01904 668000 and ask to speak to a recruiter PM me if yo uwant more details
  8. theres ta medical units at QEB in york
  9. Cheeky ******! I would suggest that the fact that no one from 5MI has responded to your outrageous slurs means that they spend very little time on the internet (or maybe they're just distracted by "niche' sites).
    Leenie - hang around with hairy infanteers if you wish, but 5MI will not only offer you all the tours you can eat (and I would suggest that you probably shouldn't join the INT Corps (V) if you don't want to go on tour) and a chance to learn new skills that are very much in demand.
  10. And a Merry Christmas to you to Sir! Although MI have been making shit up since 1943 they haven't learnt to read or are sleeping and typically have taken 3 weeks to respond. Cutting edge me thinks not
  11. 1943 ? Try 1940. Taking the piss only works if you get this sort of thing right. Otherwise you just get to look like a tool.



    PS For those in the civilised part of the UK where we don't eat our own young there's always 3 MI. Wooo yay go us etc.
  12. Still late then, predicting events in Europe
  13. got to be 4 yorks... let us know which you decide