Joining the TA, HELP!!

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Mar 18, 2007.

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  1. My youngest brother is under a lot of pressure to join the TA, yet he resists. His long term girlfriends twins brother is in the TA as their neighbour, his eldest brother is in the TA (me).

    With the odds so stacked in my favour, how am I failing. He wants to leave his accountancy job and go into IT (Sigs).

    Gareth hasn't won.. yet

  3. WTF?
  4. You fail young jedi, because its not what he wants to do.

    By all means tell him about the TA, what you do there, and you could even have a chat with him and find out what he does want out of life, then maybe see if any of the jobs that are available in the TA or Regs meet his needs.

    Then show him and let him make up his mind?

    One volunteer is worth a thousand pressed men :thumright:

  5. So true Rusty - he might start off wanting to shut you up Polar but won't last and it'll be you getting asking "where's your brother" - maybe he doesn't want to be compared to you - tough act to follow?
  6. I assume he has heard the rest of you talk about it and how much you love it and what you do and so on...

    If he has not shown any interest by now after that sort of exposure to the TA thing then its best not to push him. He will resent it and is probably not ready or even cut out for it anyway.

    He probably thinks: "I respect what you do and understand that you love it but why the fark would I want to put my self through that?!"

    Besides it would be a boring world if we were all the same.