Joining the TA - Few questions

I'm currently at university and when I finish I plan to join the TA, I don't know which unit at the moment but I am looking at something combat orientated e.g. Infantry / Artillery etc.

I graduate in May and wanted to find out a few things before joining and was hoping someone here could help me out.

1) I've heard you sign up for 3 years just wondering if someone could confirm this to me

2) From what I've read its one day a week, every so often a weekend and a two week annual camp each year. What does the annual camp consist of? Is it all training? I read that one week is military training the second is Adventure training, things like rock climbing canoeing etc, how accurate is this and are parts of this optional e.g. Is all the abseiling, rock climbing canoing etc an optional element or is it all compulsary?

3) Deployment? Quite confused on this one been trying to look into it but bit lost about this are UK troops including TA units still being deployed over in Iraq or has the TA's involvement ended for now?

Thanks for your time


1) no, you can currently leave at any time (unless mobilised).

2) Annual camp will vary depending on the unit and the training year - it may be a militray kills camp or it may be adventure training. Go to you local unit and ask where they have been and what they have done in the last few years.

3) UK troops including the TA are deployed in Iraq, but all TA mobilisation has been voluntary since Nov 2005.

Hope this helps.

P.S. Which Uni are you at - you may find someone from your local unit here on arrse?
1) Yep, but you can cut and run at any time within that.

2) Sounds about right. Depends on the unit, mind, but that's fairly typical in my experience. My last AT camp we had a choice of three different things a day, but if you don't do the difficult ones that scare the shit out of you, it's not really much of an adventure, is it?

3) TA is currently under 'Intelligent' mobilisation. You'll only go if they ask and if they need someone in your role at your level of training. However, if you want to be at the pointy end of things, expect an opportunity to be intelligently suggested to you within the next three years (after you've completed your basic & trade, obviously).

4) It's quite alright. There's only so much dead monkey/toddler piss porn on the internet so it's good to be distracted.
Chalky said:
1) Yep, but you can cut and run at any time within that.

Except if you're mobilised, or "warned off" for mobilisation (ie, told it is happening to you in a few weeks), of course.
thanks for all the replies, answers all my questions, anythng more i'll have a chat with my local unit about. However one more thing I was a little curious about, I have a local army recruitment office in my town and for info on the TA would a regular army recruitment office have any info or just head to local unit and ask there?
You can try your local regular recruiting office, they should have details of the local TA units in your area, alternativly pick up the local phone book and have a look under "Army" the numbers will be in there. Most TA units ( if not all ) have an open door recruiting policy. As MSR said, which uni are you at, there are TA chaps on here from most areas, full of advise, some of it good!


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SS_85 said:
1) I've heard you sign up for 3 years just wondering if someone could confirm this to me

It's what the books say, but I was expected to sign up for six years.

That said, it's not binding anyway unless you are on notice to mobilise.


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