Joining the TA but just recieved a court summons

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by GIJane-RS.TA, Jun 15, 2011.

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  1. Hello,

    I am currently in the joining process of the TA, been through selection and awaiting the verdict of in or out. I was in a minor collision in December 2010, the other driver and myself were uninsured. Everything was quiet so I assumed that two evils cancelled each other out and nothing more would happen. Last week I received a summons to court for the offence, I am going to plead guilty via post. I know I must inform the TA that this is happening as I am going to be honest with them. I was just wondering if anyone here knew whether this is the kind of driving conviction that would hinder or altogether halt my dream of becoming an officer - it isn't how a lady should act and it isn't a good example to set. I know this and I hate myself for it. Also as this is a mobilised unit could I be kicked out if they decided to take away my licence? Will they take my licence as it's a first offence?

    Please help, I'm utterly devastated, many thanks.
  2. I would hate to think that a criminal like you would ever be allowed to receive a commission as one of Her Majesty's officers. What makes you think that you are suitable to lead other when you cannot be trusted?

    It is the selfish people such as you, who willingly and knowingly break the law by driving without insurance that are partly responsible for the sky rocketing insurance costs that have to be met by the rest.

    I am glad you are worried. I hope they hit you hard in court over this, as well as the other driver. You deserve it. If you want sympathy try a dictionary.
  3. I made the mistake, I'm paying for it, I've learnt from it and I won't make it again. You are however, very right.
  4. Should you be accepted you will undoubtedly be sent to Coventry by the others, and be forced to sit alone in the mess, totally ignored and dishonoured. Every officer in the unit will send you his calling card with a white feather stuck on it. You have the choice of deep-throating a Webley or dressing up as a Dervish, making your way to the Sudan and rescuing comrades being buggered by fuzzy-wuzzies in the Mahdi's prison in Omdurman. Hope this helps.
  5. rather chavvy offense for a potential officer.

    a distinct lack of style or amusement
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Driving Offences | Maximum Penalties, Fines, Penalty Points, Length of Driving Ban (c) Google is your friend. MAX fine is £5000.00 plus a minimum of 6 points on your licence.

    Don't go guilty by post. Get a brief to explain extenuating circumstances (if there are any) to the court, turn up to court yourself and apologise. Then you might not get hit for the full whack.

    Oh and look forward to a long period of paying enhanced insurance premiums, or failing that get a bike.
  7. Like I am, when I lost my no claims bonus after some uninsured chave trashed my car.
  8. Thank you very much Mr Fingerz, that information is very helpful. Will the officer route be closed to me now? This crime shows a lack of integrity doesn't it... If I need to ask, I already know the answer. I could use the defence "It's just one mistake" but considering the role I'd be trying to fill "one mistake" is one too many. Thanks for your time all.
  9. For future reference, the time to have an attack of conscience is before you break the law, not after you get caught doing so.
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  10. I didn't really think of the severity of my actions in all honesty, I never thought I'd have a crash, I'm a slow driver, but a mini-bus pulled out on me and it was unavoidable. I've just got to make the best harvest out of the seeds I've sown now. All your words of wisdom are duly noted, thank you.
  11. So you couldn't be bothered to buy insurance, you may have killed someone, as for becoming an Officer best you don't apply to a Bde in the North
  12. Zen


    Be grateful that it was a vehicle that came out in front of you and not a child. Idiot!
    Officers are supposed to lead by example, if this is an example of your leadership then god help the poor ******* working under you.

    FORMER_FYRDMAN LE Book Reviewer

    You are an unutterable excrescence for what you did and I hope they chuck the book at you so hard that you're beyond the age of enlistment by the time you get up off the floor, however, the bullet is through the kirk as my South African friends say.

    I suggest that you take what's coming to you and then let events take their course. Don't dwell on it because there's nothing you can do - the system will do its thing and you'll be spat out of the end of it, for better or worse. If you are given another chance just remember that you can't lead people at any level if they don't trust you, and you've had a taste of what the general view is of your offence in just a handful of posts. You're currently light years away from officer material and the chances are that you've had it but if you are given a reprieve, you will have to repeatedly demonstrate that you're worth it, that you've learned your lesson and make sure that your future conduct is exemplary - that's going to be hard work and it's entirely up to you.
  14. more importantly, the rules of ARRSE are very clear: if a lass wants advice, post a pic first. if said lass is an aspiring officer, make sure it is one in the nude... Can't believe how sloppy people get around here the moment I turn my back, standards young men, standards!
  15. It sounds like you are still trying to excuse your actions. They are inexcusable. You could have doomed some poor sod to life in a wheelchair and no compensation, living on benefits in a chav-infested estate with little ragamuffins giving his colostomy bag a playful squeeze as he trundled around Aldi.

    The expression 'actions have consequences' applies to the consequences your actions visit on others, not just those to yourself.