Joining the TA at 40

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by guzslopjock, Jul 21, 2013.

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  1. Looking for peoples experiences when joining the TA at 40 as im looking to do. Im ex reg been out 10years having served 8 but fancy getting back to the crack mainly cause im a bit older and wiser now to appriciate life in green.
    What experience do you have joining at 40 maybe its no different at 40 than it is 20.
    Points of view if there are any.

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  2. You can be in the TA until 55, or a little older if doing certain jobs. My old unit still has a full screw storeman at 62! So, what type of unit do you want to join? Infantry, Signals, REME etc? In my experience, we've had a couple of guys over the age of 40 that have joined (ex regs) and are still enjoying it, I think mostly to get away from their wives at weekends!
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  3. My personal opinion: these days it doesn't matter.

    I know a lot of very unfit 18 year olds and a lot of very fit 40 year olds. In the 60s and 70s, teenagers were damn fit, played sport etc, and 40+ men were over the hill. These days some of the teenagers are fat slobs born with a pie in one hand and a PS2 in the other. Sport to them is watching widescreen on the couch.

    Not all teenagers are like that, but obesity and plain idleness is far more prevalent these days than when I was a school in the 60s.

    And many 40 year old men these days are fit and active.

    And not every 40 year old is like that. But many are.

    And on top of that, by the time a man hits 40 he has reached a level of mental robustness. I have seen 20 somethings throw a big pack on the road and say they want to go home because their feet hurt, and I have seen 50-60 year old men grit teeth, pick up the kids pack and march on.

    It wont be easy, but I don't think it will feel any harder than for the 20 year old kid in he next bunk.
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  4. Lol fair one. It would be RLC for me as thats my local unit coupled with that fact that im a chef...aparrently : ;-)

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  5. If its the Scottish Transport Regiment, then you'll be the youngest there!!
  6. No mate its in Plymouth Devon.

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  7. What you mean to say is, we started fighting wars so you fecked off sharpish, now there are no wars on, you fancy the Queen's shilling again?
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  8. Is that what I ment to say well thanks for pointing that out.....hero. we've been in conflicts for years falklands, NI, FRY im sure the vets and families who have lost loved ones in these theatres would disagree with you. You norrow minded uneducated cock.

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  9. Well done, S_T_N. I was enjoying that thread. No, really, well done!
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  10. Most of the guys in my unit are 40+, they don't seem to any probs.

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  11. Being an forum crow id like to thank you guys for your supportive comments. Well all but one. :thumbup:

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  12. Get some light reacting lenses for you glasses that seemed to be the trend yrs ago
  13. Dry your eyes, princess.
  14. You seem to have forgotten what banter is, if you ever even served. Guess what, if you are successful in joining and you think the above comment is bad, wait till you deploy anywhere with a regular unit and tell them your story. You'll have to go and cry on the Padre's lap, like the civvie muppet that you are.
  15. Stn been in longer naafi ques than youve prob served yes but I guess I takes a real solider like yourself to sit on a forum and slate people. I ask a simple q you werent making banter you were rude a personal. Your prob bullied in your regt so come on here giving it the big licks to feel better about your own insecurities. ******* crow.

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