joining the ta at 37

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gimley, Jun 14, 2009.

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  1. hey
    I am considering joining the ta's at 37, i have for many years been in a dead end job and am now sick of it.
    I want to do something with real prospects excitement and pay, my only concern is that i was made bankrupt 2 years ago will this have a effect on me being able to join.

    I am very fit and look after myself and can compete easily with 18-20 year olds on the football pitch and in ju jitsu, just need to keep this up and lose some more weight was 17.5 stone now 12.6, in under a year i really want this to work.

    Any advice anyone can give in regards to the above and also how best to integrate myself to i am assuming a young group of trainees.

    oh ye and my parents will dissown me if i join, i dont mean that as a joke regliouslly they are dead against this and will not speak to me again, which is part the reason i have left this so long.

    Thanks for reading
  2. For a start, post this in the Joining the TA Forum; this is for Regular recruiting. :roll:
  3. This would have been better off in TA recruiting. Just go to the unit of your choice one Tuesday evening and get a medical there as early as possible. I got turned back for High Blood Pressure. Had no idea I even had it.

    Best find that sort of stuff out first before you get so set on it it becomes a big disappointment that you can't get in for some reason.

    For you edumacation, never use the terms "TAs" or "Terriers", nobody serving ever does.

    TA is correct.

    Good luck.
  4. You are 37 Gimley! They'll survive!