Joining the TA as an Officer but applications have stopped which route can I go down?

Hi there.

My name is Dave and im 18 currently studying Human Geography at Leeds Metropolitan University. My Dad was in the RLC for 20 odd years and I've always had the army in my life in some way or another so it isn't unfamiliar to me. I've been interested in joining the TA for around a month now and this morning I finally plucked the courage to go down to the recruitment office and get some information on the local regiments.

Whilst there they told me about the Officer Training Core, there is a local OTC in Leeds but unfortunitly they stopped recruiting last weekend, with this in mind I looked into the local RLC. They are the 150 (Yorkshire) Transport Regiment and the 217 (West Yorkshire) Transport Squadron. To get more information I went back to the recruitment office and spoke with someone differant. They told me the three possible routes I could take.

1) Join the local TA, any regiment and after I am fully trained, which would take a year, withdraw from the TA and join up for the OTC and carry on from there.

2) Not join the TA and wait until next year. ( This isn't the most appealing option as I would be losing out on a years worth of experiance )

3) Apply to become an officer and see if they could pull some strings and have them save me a place for next year, or try and find me a place for this year.

Academically I am bright with A's and B's at GCSE and A's and B's at A Level, fitness wise I am moderatly fit, able to play sport to a respectable standard and a keen gym go-er going 4 to 5 times a week (Which would hopefully raise my fitness levels in order for me to pass the Armys fitness requirements)

So, my questions are;

What would be the best option for me to take out of the above 3, or an alternative one if thought of.

Would withdrawing from the TA after 12 months make an impact on my application to the OTC, impact being positive or negative.

Would I be able to meet the commitments needed by the TA or the OTC whilst being at uni.

Any help is really appreciated and I hope to be hearing from you soon.

Regards, Dave


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"Academically I am bright with A's and B's at GCSE and A's and B's at A Level". I wouldn't blow your own trumpet too much. Does anybody fail these devalued exams any more? I thought they handed out A stars in Christmas Crackers. You're studying at a Polyversity. Oh and you can't spell Different and Experience.

Anyhoo... My take on it. OTC's are a massive piss up and you get to attempt to shag lots of girls who end up naked with the very married PSI's. The plus side is that you'll get your MTQ 1&2 which is a useful qualification to take to a future TA unit. Just joining a TA unit and then sacking it off after a year to join another unit is bad drills, a load of paperwork and you'll piss off the unit you leave. And I'm guessing that since your name is Leeds United Football Club and you're going to Leeds Polyversity you don't stray far from home - do you really want to annoy the only local RLC option? If you're good enough then the TA units will send you over to the OTC unit to pick up your MTQ 1 & 2 but keep you on strength anyway - as its the easiest way a lot of TA units can find to produce quick 2LT's. The 3rd option is a bit of a non-starter IMHO, you'll still have to pass the tests and they'll do them with OTC's once a year as the start of their training cycle, you won't shortcut this system. The TA units will do them all the time and they'll probably send you on a generic one with people from all over the country to Grantham.

Good luck for the future and For Fucks Sake spell check your application - especially if you want to join as an officer.
Yeah I am local to an extent, I'm from Doncaster, but I'm living in Leeds during my degree. I didn't mean to come across big headed, just thought it would be useful to let you know where I am academically and the A-Levels, unfortunately people do fail them, terribly may I add in some cases.
Anyways, thanks for the advice! So joining the local RLC unit and try and get on an OTC course through them would be your suggestion then.


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Oh and don't think I'm bagging you. I genuinely wish you well. But your CV will get torn apart by the Army if you use the wrong language. Just be careful and think before you write.Oh and another tip, really work on your fitness. An officer should be in the top 10% of any fitness. You can let a few of your more gifted Toms beat you, but make sure its only a few. An Officer leads from the front, not wheezing from the back.
Currently I'm working on my fitness levels in order to get to the standards they would like. As it stands at the moment it's early days, I'm travelling home at the weekend to talk to my Dad about it all and see his advice on it because he's been there done that. Again, thanks for the advice, I'll make sure I read everything three times over before I submit my CV.
Well, like I said my Dad did 20 odd years in the RLC and strongly recommends them. Para's, Marines and Infantry are all not my cup of tea, but like I said it's all early days at the minute. When I've got abit more research done into the local units I'll be able to get a clearer decision, but so far I'm swayed towards the RLC.
Why not just go the TA route? There's plenty of opportunity to nail girls at University without being in the OTC.
You'll earn a lot more money in the TA than the OTC if that's relevant to you. Principally from the bounty.
I think the TA route is the most appealing as it stands, money isn't a deciding factor but it's a factor nonetheless. So with that in mind the TA route does look much more likely. First and foremost I want to get my degree and use the TA as a stepping stone which would not only give me experiances and key skills which could appeal to employers, but to also give me more options after I've finished my degree. If I enjoy the TA I may consider going going into the regular army but as it stands now I just want to use the TA to better myself and do something that is worthwhile.


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Fair doos. It will look lot better than a Volunteering month in Upper Arsecrackistan on your CV. Go for it.
My advice would be to go National...

You need to contact HQRLC TA at Grantham..

Telephone: 0800 587 6585

or e-mail:

or write to

Recruiting Centre HQ RLC TA

Prince William of Gloucester Barracks


Lincs NG31 7TJ
By going national;
How often/far would I be travelling to train?
Would it benefit me more than going local?
If you want to go the officer route, they have more opportunities at Grantham, which is not that far from Leeds anyway,,

You can always get posted to a more local unit on commissioning..
Why the hard on for a commission? Anyway why not man up and join the INT Corps? 53 MI Coy in York would be your closest. Not only could you be providing direct support to Ops while studying, learning an interesting trade in a coy with a very interesting role, you may even find that they have a need for young officers.
By going national;
How often/far would I be travelling to train?
Would it benefit me more than going local?
Hi Dave. By joining the National RLC TA you would have the option of joining one of 7 Regiments based in Grantham. The commitment is less than a Regional Unit and the training is
much more flexible. However, if you want to go down the officer route, the commitment would be a lot more initially, but the training can be done to suit your location and the time you have available. Ring HQ RLC TA on 0115 957 3044 for more information and an invite to a Potential Officer Assessment, which will give you a chance to see what the National RLC TA has to
offer and help you make an informed decision.

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