Joining the TA as a student

I've been looking at the forums for a while, and am currently filling in forms for the TA. But being a student, I don't really want to join if they tell me I've got to go to war (I've got no quarrels with that, as long as I have finished Uni first). Anyway many people in and out the TA have told me students are exempt from being sent away, but no one official has confirmed this, I will be asking the recruiter chappy tomorrow, but I just want to know what you guys and gals think.
Do I risk missing out on university if I join the TA?
And secondly do you think it would be worth me waiting until after university instead?

Thanks for your time



The TA can fit nicely with Uni life, many people do it.

About being deployed... well, yes you will be expected to expect to be deployed at some point. However, from the way I've seen things done up at my unit for an upcoming tour - People seem to be put forward for deployment based on their own merits, and if they are eager to go or not.

If you make it known that you probably arent looking to be deployed yet until you have uni out the way, chances are you won't.

But don't take my word as gospel, just ask the unit you are wishing to join about it.

In the meantime, crack on with the joining up process and good luck!
Unless WW3 breaks out, there is no chance that a student would be compulsory mobilised against their will.
I joined as a student, many many years ago! and loved every second! not only was it a good place to meet loads of new people but it supplimented my non existant grant and provided me with free food / cheap beer!

I onlt intended on being in the TA whilst at uni, but here I am 14 years later and still loving every minute :D

The chances of you being trained enough to be deployed in the 3 years you'll be at Uni are pretty slim indeed. I took a gap year to do a few tours before my final year there, now that was real "life" experience you won't get elsewhere.

Good luck and enjoy

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