Joining the TA and not getting the promised bounty

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by yorkhooker, May 28, 2008.

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  1. After 22 years as a wedge it was time to hang up me old boots and try the grass on the other side of the fence, but then I was told about the incentive to get ex-regulars to join the STAB's on a reduced commitment contract (2007DIN01-014) where as a recent Ex-Regular if you join the TA you only have to do 19 days a year, no tours for 3 years, reduced MATT's and still get the full tax free TA bounty. Too good to be true :?: "Damn right" after doing all that was required (and more) I am now getting screwed over the Bounty, end of May and still no money. Anyone out there in the same boat or better still anyone out there had their bounty paid as I have heard its up to the individuals CO whether to award it and at what level :(
  2. A lot of peoples bounties have been screwed up this year (allegedly due to JPA error) so it may well have nothing to do with being ex-Reg.
  3. Are you sure you joined the right Army?

    Under the One Army concept, there are two armies - Regular and TA. Under the TA, there are two armies - Independent and Specialist.

    Independents do a 27 day basic year, Specialists do a 19 day basic year.

    I don't know the terms of your contract, but are you sure that it applies to the type of TA that you're in?
  4. Joined the right TA normal Fd Sqn all other troops here do normal 27 day committment, full MATT's etc and all have bounties payed (and spent) My qualifing cert (signed by TM) is winging its way up and down RHQ awaiting a pair of balls to be delivered. :(
  5. Presuming that your TAC is the one opposite Tesco, you realise that in the next gate along is a TA unit that does a 19 day qualifying year?

    I'm raising this point as it seems odd that you get a reduced TA commitment just for being ex-Reg. Your lot is Independent. The unit down the road is Specialist.
  6. As per the first post this was introduced as an incentive to get ex regs into the TA. If you have completed your commitment as per the DIN you should be paid out - I don't have a copy of the DIN in front of me but I seem to remember something about having to apply to the CO to be allowed to do the reduced commitment - not just an automatic entitlement. I'll try and dig it out tomorrow.

  7. i've heard loads of peeps haven't got bounty yet due to the aforementioned JPA probs.

  8. Sent letter to CO, had reply back that I'm included in the reduced commitment, done all the right things just not getting bounty paid yet. any ex-regs out there on the same commitment, but been paid so I have some ammo.
  9. To be fair, it's not always a JPA error - there's usually some form of human error involved (not changing date etc)
  10. If the CO has already agreed to it I can't see what the issue is! as long as you weren't out for more than 3 years your previous service qualifies you for full bounty as long as you have completed 19 MTDs - (no camp required), passed WHT, passed 1 x PFT, passed BCD and attended Values/Standards.

    It is a simple procedure to adjust your bounty level on JPA, the only other issue is that you will receive a proportionate bounty if you joined part way through the training year.

  11. I assume you are in the same unit as me, and I have been stiched up with my bounty after being told I would get a full bounty, they decided to give 1/3 instead as I didn't do a full training year, even though I did the full MATTS and commitment,
    One Army, Regular and TA, I think not!
  12. Sounds like you were told wrong - in your first year you get a bounty proportionate to your service - I take it you received 1/3 of the correct level??

  13. there seems to be a lot of bad COs out there as they have a lot of power and can sort out this bounty problems