Joining the TA after Regular Service

If someone leaves the regulars and decides to join the TA do they retain the same rank seniority and rate of pay as they had as a regular or does it alter because of the new terms and conditions of service of being in the TA?
if you join straight Reg to TA, you keep your security clearance. useful if you are working in the public sector in civ div/day job. if there is a day's gap between Reg and TA service, then you get to join the vetting merrygo round.

as JPA doesn't recognise ex employees (Reg) in their new format of new employees (TA), the computer says no. you too could be come one of the 7000 ex regular TA members who have had their complete electronic records wiped and have to resubmit course certificates to their units to prove their qualifications, ISYN. They could go through your paper archive stored somewhere in Glasgow, but i suspect costs might be prohibitive.
when i was in the ta guys who left the army and joined ta staight away tended to keep their rank if you ve been out of the army for say 2 years then you d probably have to turn up for a while but eventually once the unit have got to know you and seen whether you re a keen team player then they d promote you more so if you join same regt / corp as you served in origionally hope this is of help 8)
I believe the cut off is 3 years. However, the advice remains: go and speak to your local unit.


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